Friday, September 4, 2015

Free Tuesdays

The local arboretum is free on Tuesdays, so that's when I go...
 This is the Monet Garden...beautiful!
Funny how I can walk (limp) around to take pics, but can't seem to get my work done.
Anyway...I'm always looking for free things to do. 
KC has quite a few and with fall coming there's lots of festivals and craft shows. My favorite is the Mound City Craft Show. It's in October but oooh I love that one. I think I've written about it before. The artisans turn an old fair ground into a cornucopia of homemade delights. The air is always brisk, there's a crunch of leaves while walking around and then there's the Walking Tacos??? 
This month there's the Westport Art Festival~some fabulous art! and then there's the Plaza Art Festival. The Plaza show is incredible. Thousands visit this and the artists come from all over the US. I normally go early on Sunday morning. I beat the crowd by doing this. The deal about this show is that it's a "see and be seen" show. I'm there for the art, so being seen isn't part of my agenda and so far, no one has seen me...hahaha  Also there's no walking tacos there. The food is more...oh how should I put it? refined??? and goes with wine. 
The Renaissance Festival starts this weekend. OOh my how that one has changed since I went to my first one. geez.... Now it costs a lot just to get in and everything inside costs a bunch. Many years ago, I did astrology readings there. When I was reading the cost was $5. I think it's up to $20 or $25 now. whew! A person would have to spend at least $100 to get in, have a few treats, get some kind of a psychic reading and buy any kind of a souvenir. That's just too much for an ole retired gal. It's been years since I went to one but I may go...but I'll hide my own water in my purse and buy NO treats and for sure get no readings.
Speaking of hiding water in my purse...when's the last time you went to the theater?  I can buy an entire case of water for what they charge for a bottle of water at a movie theater. I don't mind paying a fair price, but I feel that they gouge...humpf!!! 
Oh is good and senior rates are a delight. A lot of places hide their senior discounts. You gotta ask... Yes, even Michaels (the craft store) has a senior discount, but you gotta ask...I'm getting to the point that that's the first thing out of my mouth anymore. Sheesh how life has changed...


ellen abbott said...

I haven't been to a Renaissance Fair since the 80s and even back then it had gotten huge, expensive, and pretentious. not to mention the traffic. at the time there was one two lane road to the site.

turquoisemoon said...

Ellen, Oooh I agree with you. When I worked at the astrology booth, I got in free...again, yay for free!!!

Out on the prairie said...

Love going to craft fairs, but hate paying much for admission

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, So far the only one that charges around here is the Renaissance Festival. The craft fairs have been free, but I think they charge the vendors a pretty steep fee.