Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Early Morning at Unity Village

This fountain welcomes guests to Unity Village in Lee's Summit, Missouri.
The tower is a National Historic Monument.
This iconic 165 foot building houses the Holistic Healing Center.
 I was born into a Catholic family. But when I was about 12, mom decided to leave the church and start attending Unity. Dad was not happy when she decided that we (the kids) should also attend. week Queen of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church and the next was Unity Temple in the Plaza.
This sounds fine...but it was a struggle for me.
One week...hell, Latin masses, confession, and guilt.
The next week was Sunday School and love...
songs and some bible teachings.
Sunday school had kind of a musty smell. Something kids notice...
At the very end of each Sunday school class, we would form a circle and hold hands and sing, "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me...".
The last time I attended, one of the kids threw up~~~
That's something, from childhood, that you don't forget.
Anyway, I didn't like either of them and when I got old enough, I went on my own spiritual search...
And, now I'm a Buddhist.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Barfy kid was probably allergic to must and mould.

One Fly said...

Very well said TMoon. I really believe what is done in the name of religion is pure evil and criminal.

Linda Starr said...

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools up until the 10th grade. In the seventh grade I asked Sister Mary Rene why children who had not been baptized were relegated to purgatory by God. I reasoned surely God, who was all loving, would not send innocent children to purgatory till Christ came again. Sister Mary Rene could not address my question adequately and from that day forward my spiritual path was changed forever. I reject almost all religions as hypocritical most members do not adhere to the teachings they so often preach to others; now I think the most important thing in life is to strive to be good to yourself and others and to be spiritual.

Recently I was thinking about my upbringing and realized I missed the singing of hymns and reciting of the liturgy. Those two I miss about attending church. I feel the singing and reciting are a form of meditation, which I think is a theraputic, ommmm

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, I've been to that church several times and I still remember that barfy kid...hahaha

Fly, Ooh...I'd hate to say "all", but there certainly is a large percentage that don't follow what they preach.

Linda, I love old Catholic churches. In fact, some of my house is decorated "Catholic" hahaha! I honestly liked the mass in Latin and love Santos, retablos, etc. I tried going back, in fact back in 2000, I took the nine month RCIA class. After completion, I attended church. Finally I just got it...I can't/don't believe what is taught. The meditation is what I loved and I get that from Buddhism. It is therapeutic even if one isn't a Buddhist. Read the info about meditation on the Mayo Clinic website. ommmm

Out on the prairie said...

Never heard of this church.I go to the Reformed Mountain, we only hang out in the hills.

turquoisemoon said...

Ooh Steve...hahaha. That's the best church ever...

ellen abbott said...

I was raised Episcopalian but I remember have trouble with the theology even as a child. the whole loving god/hell oxymoron, original sin (just born babies are already sinful?), created earth/evolution, and other things. was confirmed at 13 under duress from my parents (what will our friends and colleagues think). at 17 I refused to kneel during prayer at the xmas eve services whereupon my mother tried to force me to my knees. she didn't succeed so she made us all get up in the middle of the service and leave even though I had told her before we got there that I wasn't going to kneel. it wasn't until my very early 20s though that I completely rejected christianity. now I reject all religion though I don't consider myself an atheist. I have a concept but it fits no religion. and I think religion is evil especially those that subjugate and demean women.

turquoisemoon said...

Ellen...I can certainly relate!!! Honestly, I'm Buddhist with a hint of Taoism and Pantheism. hahaha...maybe just an ism??? I do pray, but it's not really to a specific deity.
May all beings be endowed with happiness;
May all beings be free from suffering;
May all beings never be separated from happiness;
And, may all beings abide in equanimity, undisturbed by the eight worldly concerns.
For as long as space endures,
and for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may we too abide to dispel the misery of the world.