Friday, June 19, 2015

Photo Trip to Colorado~Part 2

The Durango/Silverton train runs on somewhat of a schedule. I was told that it tends to run a tad bit late, rather than early. I waited for each train. Three going up to Silverton and three coming back down.  The faces of the people leaving in the morning were smiling and happy and excited...coming back, they just looked tired.
Crowds waited to take pics.
 Mesa Verde crowds...ugh!!! No one would get out of my way so I could take my pics. I don't think that was asking too much??? do you???
 A shootout in Durango. Hard to take pics when they run yellow tape everywhere.
Also, I seemed to be on the wrong side of the action.
 Aaaah...finally I got someone to pose...
The sign on him says, "Your husband called... He said to buy anything you want!"
We got to the museum before it opened and as the reenactment and vendor people were getting there, so we hustled around and took pics, till we were "kindly" asked to leave.
Husband rule applies to photographers too...
It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
 ladies or gents???
 My luck on this photo vacation...
Have a great weekend!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right -- photographing around / through crowds at tourist attractions can be a major challenge!

turquoisemoon said...'s a tough job! hahaha I love it..

Out on the prairie said...

Made me think of in Europe and going to the town center to be engulfed in people all wanting to see the same things.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve...and just think, tourist season is just getting started. We were there early in the season. Thank goodness!

Linda Starr said...

I hate it when folks get in my way to take photos, someone once asked me why there were never any people in my photos. Ha. love the donkeys at the restroom. I like traveling in the off season, once went to Vancouver Island in October, not a soul was seen - it was a bit cold though.

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, I like the off season too. Did you happen to notice that the peacock has his butt facing the camera..??? hahaha