Thursday, April 9, 2015

Honk Honk!!! Honk...

Whenever I get down, I have to focus on me.
What's going on with me...not the world, not so and so, not!
Do I feel good? Getting any exercising? Learning something? Giving something? Expecting something?
Doing something? Cleaning something? Helping someone? Making something?
Am I just sitting and waiting for something? Do I need to buy something/anything?
Am I sharing, giving, going, playing, loving, walking???
I don't suffer from depression, but at times, I get down. It's just the ebb and flow of life...
At some point, I've got to give myself a little smack. Gotta get my attention.
Gotta figure out...Ok...What's really going on? and I've got to look at what I'm doing or not doing.
Well for the last week...I haven't been meditating. I've found that, for me, I go into a funk if I don't meditate or pray every day.
I've put on weight...ugh!
I've been bored...I like going outside, but it's just been chilly and honestly, I've been lazy!!!
I've been wanting to go shopping~geez...that's a sure sign I'm down. Maybe if I buy something/anything...I get that momentary high???
So it's time...
Whenever I get like this I go find an old friend. Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy
by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
There's a quote in this book that breaks the slump.
"If you consciously work to bring more gratitude, order, simplicity, harmony, beauty, and joy into your life, your world will be transformed."
Happiness, at least for me, is sometimes a conscious effort.
Mom used to say...just move the body and the mind will follow.
I think it can work both ways..move the mind and the body will follow...either way...
I'm normally one of those people that just wakes up "happy" so this is always a surprise when I find myself in any kind of a funk.
My husband loved this line in Vacation,
"I think you're all f--ked in the head! We're ten hours from f--king fun park and you want to bail out. Well I'll tell you something, this is no longer a vacation, it's a quest. It's a quest for fun, I'm gonna have fun and you're gonna have fun, we're all gonna have so much f--king fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah out of your assholes! I gotta be crazy; I'm on a pilgrimage to see a moose! Praise Marty Moose! Oh, shit!"
Anyway, he used to say that I woke up practically whistling Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah out my ass...hahaha
Geez...I'm already feeling better...hahaha
I guess I'll start with meditating and then get busy with the gratitude, order, simplicity, etc and transform my world.
ooh and honk, honk honk!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I whistle "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" all the time, but not out of that particular orifice!

You're wise to focus on yourself, meditation and the Gratitude book -- it's such a classic, isn't it? Good stuff.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, I love that book. Ooh and I meditated this morning and already feeling better. I do really wish I could whistle (agreed, not out that particular orifice) hahaha

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

That is wonderful that you meditate. My sister-in-law started doing that about a year ago and it's completely changed her life for the better.

I'm like you, I typically wake up happy, so on the off day that I don't, I work on changing that feeling. Sometimes we just get into that feeling. I'm glad you've found your own way that works.

turquoisemoon said...

Hi Martha, I'm a Buddhist and meditate is what we do...hahaha! A person doesn't need to be a Buddhist to meditate. The benefits are amazing. There is a complete study at the Mayo Clinic. I must admit that I'm normally upbeat and find that the slightest down time is awful... I guess I have a hard time accepting yin yang...

Linda Starr said...

I've heard of that book, I could a jolt of it quite often especially with all my medical problems lately which the aging of my body does get me down. Nature helps pick me up especially with all the spring blooms happening right now.

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, Ooh I mind is so young, but this ole body is showing signs of aging. Knees ache and have trouble getting up...the down is easy, it's the up that deals me a fit. It is better than the alternative, though. This happens to me every once in awhile. I get down...and for no real reason. Just got to be the ebb and flow of life. I'm so much better now that I'm back to meditating. Oooh and you are so right~Nature is a big pick me up.