Friday, June 13, 2014

First Friday Weekend

 Last weekend was First Friday Weekend.
My granddaughter and I went to the West Bottoms. This is an old warehouse district, now used for antiques dealers. When I first started going, there were no crowds and no food vendors.
Now we had to park and walk quite a distance.
Photographers are all over the place, capturing shots of the old buildings, signage, and whatever.
Obviously I was one of them.
This is also the "new" place to shoot senior pics and wedding pics.
The first photo is under the 12th Street bridge.
 I think that the building below is quite unique???
 That night we tried to go to the First Friday Art district for some shots...too crowded!!!
That area is unbelievably busy and we got there early. It's the place for the younger crowd to "see and be seen". We couldn't even find a parking place.
The next morning we headed for the City Market. Because of earlier parking failures, we left reeeeel early so we could find good parking. As you can see from the photo was almost vacant when we got there. hahaha...but we got a great parking spot.
 It got crowded pretty fast though.
 Besides the usual fruits and vegetables there's lots of other stuff.
Seasoning, baked goods, flowers, oils & vinegars, bird houses...etc.
 OOoh I almost forgot to mention all the places to eat at the City Market.
Besides bakery and coffee places, there's probably about 10 small ethnic restaurants.
Yep...that's me takin pics...
Later we went to another car show~it's very hard to take pic of those old cars.
They're parked too close together, lots of reflections/glares and too many people. 
I keep trying and plan on going to another car show tomorrow...I guess I'm on some kind of a mission.
I'll get some car shots...I'll just keep trying.
You can not experience great success if you are afraid of failure. The sage understands that failure occurs when you give up, not with each attempt at getting it right. - Lao Fzu


Out on the prairie said...

The City Market looks like Pikes Place Market in Seattle. I need to get down and look it over. Looks like a lot of fun, and good eating.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, It's fun and I forgot to mention the street musicians. Also, the West Bottoms is not that far from the City Mkt. I think you'd like taking pics there.

Linda Starr said...

oh I'd love to browse in that area so much history, good food, and sights to see, love the bridge photo.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Fabulous photos! I love those old building shots. What a great area to spend time taking photographs. I can see why there'd be so many photographers around.

Carolyn said...

Great post! loved the pictures and seeing you too!

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, KC really does have some interesting things. Photography gets me out to see and do things. I'm grateful I have this fun hobby.

Martha, It is a fun place. Lots of interesting buildings, windows and stuff.

Carolyn, Yep...there I was! huggin that camera... hahaha

Cathy Sherman said...

Great photos, Lynn. I drove through this area today. Quite a fascinating area, wandering back through town on my way home from the airport. It's amazing how useful that old bridge is. I went to a dinner party fund-raiser underneath it once. You can see the photos here:
It's great to see your photo under the bridge without any tables.

turquoisemoon said...

Catherine...Thanks! You've been a busy girl today. I saw some of your dragon boat pics earlier. Fun!

Dee said...

Dear Turquoisemoon, I live out here in Independence and have for five years now and I've never been to the KC city market. But this posting has inspired me to ask a friend or one of my nieces to go with me some Saturday and explore. Thank you for inciting my curiosity!

And thanks also for that quote from Lao Fzu. It speaks to where I am with my writing project and with trying to find an agent to represent my work. I've felt myself recently ready to throw in the towel. But Lao Fzu's words give me hope. Peace.

turquoisemoon said...

Dee, Today I went to Old Missouri Town, 1855. There's so much to see around the KC area. Get going.... hahaha!!!

barbara cecelia said...

what a unique place -- and so busy as you explained. That pink cake was a work of art. -- barbara

turquoisemoon said...

Barbara, It was fun. My Granddaughter and I will try again the First Friday in August.