Monday, May 26, 2014


Both are at the window.
 Which would you approach?
This seems to be an ongoing controversy .
I'll be honest. I didn't even want to get closer to the truck to take photos.
Lucy gets mad just seeing my camera pointed at her...??? Why? I don't know, she just does.
The truck was running, obviously the keys were in it. Would you hop in???
Even though those that own this breed protest unfair condemnation, the truth is that this breed is simply intimidating. 
Last fall, one was running loose (3 times) while I was walking Lucy.  We have leash laws where I live.
Anyway, after the third time,  holding Lucy, I went to their house to let them know that their dog was running the neighborhood and was yelled at/cussed at and told to get off their property. all fairness, the dog was friendly, but running the neighborhood.
The owner was a vicious nasty person.
So, is this a friendly breed? Are the actual owners sometimes the ones that perpetuate the controversy?
What really is going on???
 “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Rubye Jack said...

I've always thought that dogs match the owner's personality. I knew a woman from work, a regular nice charming person, and she owned a pit bull and a couple of mutts. I always felt like the pit bull was her attention getter and the side of her that was quite mean at times. The mutts represented her nicer side.

Regardless of whether or not they can be good dogs, most are trained to be violent. Can't these guys just go back to German Shepherd's?

Linda Myers said...

I saw a lovely dog of this breed, on a leash, with her owner. The dog was wagging its tail, but I kept my distance. Why was that?

Linda Starr said...

If any dog is in a car, truck, home and the owner isn't there even a teacup poodle I wouldn't go in and I have years of experience with all breeds of dogs, that place, car, truck, house, is their domain, their home and they will protect their space at any cost and I don't blame them, especially if cornered.

I once had a boxer dog, which are the friendliest dogs even though their face looks mean and no one could enter my car unless I got him out and they got in and then he got in, after that he was just fine, so you never know.

Once I was a census taker and entered the gates of a home high in the hills. As I approached the front door and was half way there two dobermans came rushing around the corner to me with bared teeth, I stopped and folded my arms across my chest and repeated in a calm voice over and over "good doggies" "good doggies" slowly approaching the front door, I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell and the owner answered after a what seemed an extremely long wait. She was flabbergasted I made it past her dobermans,

the true be that it's ALSO - all in how you approach an animal. to this day I am glad I am living to tell the story. Ha.

ellen abbott said...

My daughter and son-in-law have a pit bull and he is a big sweet lug. so dogs are vicious because they are trained that way or are treated cruelly. IMO. the thing about pit bulls which makes them so terrible when they bite is that they have such large mouths and strong jaws. your neighbor, however, is an ass.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Yup, it's quite the controversy. And I'm sitting on the fence with this one. Perhaps this dog is bred badly by bad people? Raised badly by rotten people? I'm sure animals that are raised in loving homes, given the appropriate amount of exercise and taken care of properly turn out much happier and healthier. ANY type of animal. As for your neighbours, perhaps someone will film the dog running around loose and report the incident. Neighbours can be as nasty as they want, but they are not above the law.

Arkansas Patti said...

Ha,ha Lucy has a bit of a protective attitude. She might bite but the big dude could really do damage.
I personally have no problem with pits and pit crosses. I have met those that would bury you in pieces and others that just want to be babied. But in all my encounters with dogs,the majority of bites came from the little guys.

turquoisemoon said...

Rubye Jack, I think you're right. I think it gets a certain type of person attention. Good/'s still attention.

Linda, That's the point. Deep down I think that owners of pits want attention. Attention is given. And they are beautiful, but...they are intimidating!

Linda Starr, hahaha...I'd dare anyone to touch my son's truck when Daisy is in it. She's a 4 pound chihuahua. I must say that although I agree, Daisy is only a punt-kick if she tried to go for it, while a pit can and has ripped throats out. And why do all we read about is the bad pit?

Ellen, My little terrier, Lucy, also has that mouth and jaws. I saw my precious Cairn, Sophie (now deceased) attack LD (also now deceased chihuahua)That mouth/jaws lock and it's very hard to get them to stop. Can you imagine a 70+ pounder??? ...and, I ended up having to call the police on that neighbor. He was an ass and even to this day, I don't walk in the direction of his house. I mostly agree with what you're saying, but I've heard of good dogs gone bad??? Also, you know your daughter's pit is a sweet lug...what if you didn't know him???

Martha, It really is a controversy. I'm a dog lover,for sure, but to be honest I simply don't trust pits. And as I said earlier, I ended up having to call the police on the neighbor. He became even more of an ass..

Patti,They really have a bad rap and I honestly don't trust them. Maybe it's because I don't trust the owner. I've read reports where a trusted/loving pit raised in a loving home kills some child visiting...why is that?

Some areas near my home are required to have special fences when pit bulls are present. Almost all are required to have special insurance. Some cities, Overland Park for example, prohibit the dog. Yes I know of good pits, but the dog still has a bad rap. It may be the owners, who knows for sure??? But the fact of the matter is that they simply intimidate.

One Fly said...

I am so tired of dangerous and scary interactions with dogs. I now carry spray but I understand that will not stop a pit bull. Sprayed a smaller one and he stopped. If circumstances were different would they be shot instead of sprayed. In a heart beat. Somewhere along the way dog owners have been given a pass in the way they are allowed to intimidate and harm other people. You can shoot a human and get by with it quite easily but blow away a dog that can kill you and trouble ahead. Fact of the matter is if a dog in most places anyway is off leash you can do what ever it is to protect yourself all day long and into the night and the law will be on your side outside of shooting most places the way I understand. Don't be giving me that "oh he won't hurt you" bs. Don't care if it's a five lb nipping and nashing pos who won't hurt me - the intent on my part is not to spare harm but to maim. Real harsh I know but it should be the humans welfare over any biting dog. It gets to be old shit when you can not walk or ride safely on the streets of any town in the United States.

There is NO leeway here.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, When I reported it to the police, I was told that if I used pepper spay, it would possibly blind the dog forever. That's harsh... But the responsibility really belonged to the owner to keep his dog under leash. Honestly, it was the owner that was the most threatening. Dogs are regularly let loose near BF's farm. If they bother his cows, he immediately handles it. If they don't he lets them be. Sometimes his neighbors let their dogs run...same applies to their dogs. To him, it's about his cattle. He couldn't do this in a city. Maybe only if it was a pit. That bad rep works both ways.

One Fly said...

The human needs have to take precedent over a dogs any day harsh or not.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, I just took Lucy for her walk. I thought about how I carry essentials, just in case she has to go. I wondered about this blog. I love animals, love them! But animal owners have the responsibility. I must keep Lucy on the leash. I must clean up after her. I must protect her and I must protect anybody from her. (That's no issue, but still my responsibility) I must also insure that she doesn't scare anyone, especially little kids. I've written about LD (he was my obese, blind, deaf chihuahua) I loved him but he was a chupacabra.
hahaha...At least that's what we called him. When kids or even company came over, we put him in a room so he wouldn't terrorize anyone. It's not normally the dogs's the owner.

turquoisemoon said...

This is from a FaceBook page called Pit Bull Attacks
"Let's not forget, the PERFECT DISGUISE, that could be in your next door neighbor's home. On your early morning walk. In your grandchild's home. Until something is done about this epidemic public emergency, be prepared for anything!!!! Protect your babies! This poor little girl was fooled into thinking this dog actually loved her , and now she's an angel. I refuse to be silent while there are HUNDREDS of other breeds to choose from, yet people who know FULL WELL what these dogs are capable of are still putting their families and communities at risk! Cesar Millan, how in the hell do you sleep at night?!?"

One Fly said...

Of course TMoon it's uncaring irresponsible dog owners at fault but that does stop a vicious dog who wants a piece of you or a child. The pit bull down the street could have killed me easily.

turquoisemoon said...

I understand & agree...

Dee said...

Dear Turquoisemoon, was the dog in the truck a pit bull? I suspect that if they are mean it's because those with whom they live have trained them to be so or have neglected and abused them. Peace.

turquoisemoon said...

Dee, He/She was a pit bull. The problem isn't that this one was in particularly's just the fear/intimidation they instill. It's their reputation.

Carolyn said...

Same with kids... unruly disrespectful kids have unruly disrespectful parents.

certain breeds are bred to be a this or that ... they are guard dogs and if trained properly are excellent dogs.

I'm missing why you would hop in someone's truck? ha?

I have walked... many times on various City Park CITY PARK trails and there will be these creeps who have the LARGE pit bills on a choke collar leash thing ~ some with spikes... I feel sorry for the dog!

Some owners will step off the walkway and wait until you pass restraining the dog.

wth? nowadays, it seems that dog parks are in order and the dogs are not allowed on some walkways.

there are some very mean spirited people in this world... never ceases to amaze me