Tuesday, April 29, 2014


 I have a photo pal and we decided to take a trip to Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos.
Being silly photographers, we stopped everywhere and snapped everything. 
The trip changed as we got down to planning. The first night we went to Tucumcari, NM.
Years ago I went there and found it mostly deserted and quite desperate.
Believe it or not, Tucumcari became a "destination" rather than an overnight..on the way to...
What I didn't realize was that it is on Route 66 and a photographers dream come true.
We stopped at many places along the way...lots! I started taking some pics of murals.
 Creating murals is an art form.
Who can paint this big? I've never seen anyone doing it?
Murals tell stories of the community and the people who live there.
History comes alive!
 The one below, was in a garage at the Blue Swallow Motel and was amazing.
 The Blue Swallow Motel was pretty amazing too. A huge step back in time...
 Elvis is alive!!!
There was an antique Cadillac on the other side of this wall.
 I broke down my photos like this:
Some turned out great (at least in my mind) and they got posted on my site for sale.
Some are for blogging purposes and you will see them on my blog...
Some document the trip... Fun pics, but of no artistic quality.
Some simply got the delete button!
 KC has some murals and some great ones.
"Note to self"...get out and photograph some of these.
I live in the burbs and I don't think there are any in my area.
By the way...I've complained about KC art before.
 The mural above was in Cerrillos. Cerrillos is kind of a ghost town being revived.
Well...at least the bar above was revived...hahaha
 Interesting one I found in downtown Santa Fe.
 I thought the ones in Chimayo were great!!!
Super religious to "eat more chili"
 Most of the murals were like an overview of the area.
It's like the artist is trying to quickly tell/show you what's important about "this spot".
 The one below was so much fun.
It was near an old fashioned hamburger joint.
 I was familiar with most of the signs, but some I had never seen before.
There were many more, but I'm thinking this is enough...before I bore you. (yawn)
I took so many pics it almost felt like work. I think we wore out the car doors getting in and out. My friend lugged around 2 cameras the entire time. I was constantly changing lenses. Someone probably took photos of us...we looked the "typical tourist"...


Out on the prairie said...

Get your kicks on Route 66. I haven't been there for a few decades but enjoyed the area.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those murals are great! I enjoyed seeing them all. Murals are a great way to let people know about the history of a place in a fun way. They're quite popular in smaller Canadian towns and cities too as a way of attracting tourists.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, Yep! What a fun area. We got there toward sunset, so we got night pics and got day pics. We were there for hours and hours, happily snapping away.

Debra, Oooh they're wonderful, and they seem popular in smaller Kansas towns too. In NM they're an art form.

One Fly said...

No you don't want it to be work that is for sure. I appreciate the "work" you put into this post!! You have some great pictures made better by the fact you can see them well because they can be made larger. You spent the money didn't you? Thought you were doing work around the house but here you have been getting in some huge screwing off time. YES!!!!!

turquoisemoon said...

Fly...I mowed! hahaha
Actually I've gotten quite a bit done. The weather in KC is not cooperating. It was a great trip! Going with another photographer was so much fun. It's amazing how different our shots are. We have completely different styles.

ellen abbott said...

This little town of less than 10,000 people has lots of murals in and around the town square but they aren't that great. All painted with the same four or five colors.

Linda Starr said...

murals have always amazed me, the train is wonderful and the horses.

Rubye Jack said...

I love murals. It's like they tell you about what the local culture and neighborhood care about.

turquoisemoon said...

Ellen, We have some in the KC area, but I don't think very many or if any are in my particular area. I'm not impressed with art around here. I should get out and photograph the "city approved art" for a fun blog. I'm not saying that there isn't great art to be found in KC, but where I live, everything has to be approved. Right now there's a huge battle at the Arboretum over a beautiful bronze statue. It shows breasts. Some local mommies are having a tizzie fit. I need to photograph some of the approved city stuff....augh!!! This makes me crazy, as you can probably tell.

Linda, I would love to see a mural being created. The one that amazed me the most was the one done in the garage ~ Easy Rider. That was awesome!!!

Rubye Jack, It sure does! and in such a fun way.

turquoisemoon said...
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Linda said...

Wow what a trip!! The murals are wonderful....I love the Easy Rider one...I am a fan of the movie ;) Rt 66 Thanks for sharing!! :D


Susan Alton said...

I love murals. Sounds like you had a blast photographing them.

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, The Easy Rider one was my favorite one too. The Blue Swallow Motel is such a route 66 icon. So much fun takin pics!!!

Susan, It was great fun! I'm sure you've seen a lot in all your travels.

Randy said...

Wonderful shots.

turquoisemoon said...


Cathy Sherman said...

There were murals everywhere we looked. New Mexicans abhor a blank wall! After a while, it was like, oh, another mural... I've been collecting photos of murals for a long time, but there were so many murals in New Mexico it was overwhelming! You captured some of the best very beautifully.

This post prompted me to dig into my mural photos and think of something to do with them. The whale murals are next to be attended to!

turquoisemoon said...

We did have a great time, didn't we??? I'm anxious to see your whale murals.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, what fun! Wonderful photographs. It certainly looks like you had a great time.

(How did I miss this post. I seem to be missing a lot of them lately.)

turquoisemoon said...

Martha, The murals were fun, but NM seems to abhor blank walls. That's an observation my photo friend Cathy noticed. hahaha