Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wichita Weekend

We went to Wichita for a horse show.
BF was in charge of the horse area, so I busied myself taking pics.
The show is called Equifest and it was all about horses and horse stuff.
Clothing-fun sparkly shirts, western clothing, riding, warm, sexy, formal.
Tack-again Western, English, Side, Australian
Feed, horseshoes, western entertainment, blankets, home furnishings, trailers, trainers, etc...
You name it, it was there.
All the breeds were represented and showcased. They also had the battle of the breeds which was fun. 
There were two drill teams that put on shows and this lil guy was the mascot for the Silver Buckle Drill Team.
What's a drill team??? Trick riders.
I just thought he was the cutest ever.
So ugly that it turns to beauty and cuteness. Funny how that works!
Above is a horse that came in wild and scared. BF said they could hardly get him off the trailer and apparently never been handled. This horse was wild. Australian horse trainer, Guy McLean, completely settled this horse within the 30 minute show. If you know anything about horses, you know that a tarp will freak them out...just look at that horse with the tarp on him. By the end of the 30 minutes, McLean had him saddled, rode him around, stood up on him and then started cracking his whips all around him. (Australian cowboys love cracking whips)
Here's some of the trick riders...I could do that! hahaha
This guy is riding a gypsy. Mostly large horses and their manes are kept very long...just beautiful.
This was called Camp Drafting. A sport in Australia. Several people tried it, including some cutters. It's harder than cutting because you have to move a calf in an established pattern...and they don't wanna go.
The ever beautiful Freisen.
I think this was part of the Morgan showcase.
There were Quarter horses, Arabians, Shire, Gypsy, Morgan, Tenn. Walkers, Fox trotters and Mustangs.
They drove, cut, jumped, settled, played soccer and polo along with country music and shopping.
There were all sorts of other activities and equine classes (Helmet safety, Back Country Horsemen, Nutrition, Kids Corral and silent auction (benefiting The Rainbow Meadows-I think???)
We went there on a Wednesday and didn't come home till Sunday and I was in
Horse Heaven.


Out on the prairie said...

Wow, some real beauties. I have seen the Aussie before, a lesson taking them in and out of trailers. Love a good horse show. I used to have a big arena just at the end of my road.

Linda Starr said...

I love horses of all shapes and sizes what a fun day that was and I just noticed your etsy photo shop, wow you have some wonderful photos in there and in different sizes, going back for another look.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Looks like it was a good show. Some nice horses.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, I showed AQHA for years and kind of miss it sometimes. Life changes though...

Linda, It was wonderful! Had a blast... I've had the Etsy store for quite some time. I have about 8 pics that I need to get busy and load to it, but I've been working on Zazzle lately. Love making greeting cards on Zazzle.

Words...Andrew, Thank you for stopping by. It was an awesome show. I enjoyed seeing all the breeds at one show. Fun!

Arkansas Patti said...

He must have used "horse whisper" techniques on that horse. I'd love to see that just once.
What a marvelous day and one I'd have really enjoyed.
Love those Morgans.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a great show! Looks like so much fun. Did you go home with a gazillion photos? I adore horse. They are such beautiful creatures.

turquoisemoon said...

Patti, I couldn't believe it. When he started working with the tarp, I was expecting the horse to blow. He had confidence, and worked quickly with the horse. I think some of his stuff is on you-tube. It was amazing. A great program.

Martha, It was so much fun and YES! a ton of pics. I'm still going through them. Management, at the show, wants to look at them. I may be hired to do the photography next year.