Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This is actually homework.
This week we are learning about overexposure and how to fix it.
Yep! quit my job and now enrolled in a photography class.
How many times have I gotten horrible shots and didn't know what to do with my settings to fix it. Hurriedly, I switch from one of my fun settings to automatic setting just so I can get any picture.
Visualization is a central topic in Ansel Adams' writings about photography, where he defines it as "the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure".[2] The term previsualization has been attributed to Minor White
In my class, the instructor talked to us about previsualization. He wants us to get completely away from the green automatic setting box on our cameras. He's wanting us to see the shot, prepare the camera for the shot we see, make appropriate adjustments, then get the photo we wanted, the one we saw in our vision.
Half...maybe even more than half the time, I just start snapping. I don't even take the time to "see" anything. I'm in some kind of a hurry to get anything. Sometimes I'm lucky and get a good shot, but then there are times I take maybe hundreds of shots and only one, maybe two are worth a dang. That's luck, not talent, or is it?  What do you think?
Note To Self
I've got to start thinking, planning and doing this previsualization thing.
Oooh I'll take the luck too...trust me on that one, but I'd sure like to, at least some of the time, create the piece I'm looking for...
I'd just love for that fun, really good shot to have been created and not always just happened by...
I consider myself lucky to live in these days of digital cameras and photoshop!


ellen abbott said...

ooo, big step. my drawing teacher taught us to see. well, me anyway. to look at something and see what makes it different from a similar something, the details that make it what it is, then you can draw it.

Out on the prairie said...

Its fun to learn and compare with others. I took a two week course a number of years ago and at the end we shared our ten best. It was fun to see similar subjects and shots taken by others.

turquoisemoon said...

Ellen, I'm really loving this class. I'm learning so much and not just the technical stuff. I really do want to get better and not just by taking lots of pics, but by studying the place and really looking at the scene and figuring out what I, as a photographer, can do with it.

Steve, You are so good! You work with raw nature and come up with some wonderful pics!

Arkansas Patti said...

That was quite a leap but I think one you will really enjoy. I take pictures like you use to and the results were never brag worthy. Wish I had your drive.
Good luck and enjoy.
BTW, learning something new is great for the brain.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have fun in your photography course! SO much better than working, isn't it?

turquoisemoon said...

Patti, Thanks Patti. I'm having so much fun!

Debra...I am enjoying the class and, btw, it's very cold here and I love that I don't have to get out into the cold and "go to work".

Cathy Sherman said...

Great photo, Lynn. I need to slow down and "focus" on my shots, too. When I worked as a reporter, I'd always be amazed that the pro photographer only took a few shots, while I'd be likely to take two dozen of the event, hoping that some were sure to turn out. While I'll probably never get over the need to take a lot of photos, I can save myself a lot of time afterward by taking the time to take good photos at the start -- by anticipating a finished image before making the exposure, as you quoted Ansel Adams. When I do that I do get a much better photo.

Thanks for all of your photo and camera tips. I've been learning a lot from you.

Introverted Art said...

oh my good luck!!!!

turquoisemoon said...

Ana, Oooh I need that good luck!!! Thnks!

Cathy, I get so excited and just think that I might miss something. Sheesh, sometimes I hop out of my car in almost a run. S l o w down!!! I love takin pics and so happy when something turns out...just wish it had been planned. OOh I've believe me, I've learned a lot from you too! Plus, my friend, I have fun when we go out takin pics...hahaha