Saturday, September 7, 2013

Some Rusty Cars

These are some new/old cars that I shot on my way to Colorado.
Last year, my granddaughter and I found this fun place to shoot old cars in Goodland, Ks.
We actually went into town for dinner while driving on our way to Colorado. Normally I either pack something to eat or we just hit someplace near I-70. Anyway, we ventured into town found this shop that apparently rebuilds these ole beauties with this perfect brick background....In my mind, I was hollering "perfect"...
This year I stopped on purpose and these are my new/old cars/trucks.
I used just a touch of photo shop on each one of them.
Sharpen/blur/erase/straighten/vignette/style match/crop...
 I love, love, love getting rid of creepy electrical cords.
I don't like blurring because I work too hard to get sharp pics.
But...sometimes it gives some pics a nice effect to soften something.
Right now, all I'm looking for, with photo shop, is the ability to get rid of some creepy white/gray/boring sky.
Later, I might want to learn to add things to a my dog or a person.
I've seen pics of  people with a tree image or flower image in it. I think those are kindof cool.
There's a few other things I'd also like to eventually learn, but that may just have to become a winter project.
Have a great weekend!!!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I love these rusty old trucks! They are really great images. Like you, I try to get rid of electrical cords, or things that make the image less appealing. Sometimes I erase entire electrical power lines when I photograph barns in the country. The power lines look terrible; they just don't belong. Last year, I took a couple of photography classes, and the teacher was telling us that he replaces entire skies when necessary. He has a folder full of sky images that he's snapped that he uses as replacements. I thought this was an amazing idea!

ellen abbott said...

my son-in-law has several old trucks in his backyard. it's his hobby, restoring them. he and a friend are going to try to make a business of it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some mornings I feel just exactly like one of those old cars, LOL!

Teresa Evangeline said...

I Love these !!! You sure are having a good time! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Well I have seen old vehicles appear to smile, but that first one is down right laughing. Maybe it knows it will soon be made whole again.

turquoisemoon said...

Ooh Martha, Replacing skies is what I'm wanting to do. I've been taking pics of skies and have a folder started...just don't know how to do it. Kansas skies tend to be a whitish gray...ugly! I love tweaking pics...not a lot, just enough to make them, like you said..appealing.

Ellen, have you taken pics of them??? This guy out in western Kansas seems to have a lot going on. Those ole things are worth $$$'s. There's another place, not too far from me and I've tried taking pics of his, but they are so perfect and shine to the point of too much reflection.

Debra, yeah...understand, but they polish up and I don't! hahaha

Teresa, Thank you... and yes! I'm having a great time. I'm retired but staying busy and learning somethings that are new and challenging for me. I'm even learning some history!?! hahaha

Patti...they sure do??? Sheesh...never noticed that before. Too funny!

Randy said...

They need a little love.

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