Friday, June 28, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast

This is my granddaughter. 
She was 5 when this picture was taken...she only played with dolls for about one or two years.
Pictures prior to this are not on the puter, but she's always been an adorable, loving little girl.
We started meditating when she was little. She'd sit cross-legged and hold her little fingers in the proper position.
 This was when she was eight...they grow so fast!!!
From the time she was born, she was grandma's girl. She called me Grammy. 
Now she responds, "Yes, Grandmother."
Ten in this picture and was already showing artistic skills. Loved to draw. She drew wolves constantly. I still have one of her wolf pics on my frig. I think I previously posted a picture of her with her wolf purse.
For sure didn't play with dolls anymore.
She's really into Girl scouts and I couldn't approve more. They're going places and doing things...a little less time for Grammy.
 Last year, things really started changing. She's twelve going on 25.  She's already got her own opinion on stuff. We meditate together when she comes over and we also have long talks about life. 
 She reads a lot, and is into photography (so I bought her a camera).
She has played the cello for two years and shows talent...she loves playing in the orchestra.
Still in girl scouts and doing even more things with them.
She loves animals, especially dogs. She has two. A chihuahua and a miniature dachshund...she'll even bring them with her when she comes over. The chihuahua is a monster and she believes it may be a chupacabra. 
Next month she will be a teen...13
This pic was taken last week. Went to the zoo in Omaha. We also went to what's called The Old Market. Had a blast!!! We were there for 3 days, 2 nights. We ate at little sidewalk cafes, went to galleries and boutiques. And went swimming at the hotel. I did the hot-tub...just don't do the splashing stuff anymore. Her art has changed too. Now she's drawing Anime style??? I'm just learning about it. All I see is that her people now have large eyes??? Sheesh...I can't keep up with it.
She has been playing on a volleyball team. I haven't been to one yet... That reminds me, I'd better find out when her next game is.
Her style has changed too...she's in to tutus
I think she's a hoot and enjoy every minute with her.
Looking over these pics, I can see a little girl...growing up almost right before my eyes. 
Boys are not in the picture right now, but eighth grade is when girls forget that guys have cooties
 (sorry to some of my fella readers)
I'm just keeping my fingers xxx'd that she continues art/girl scouts/cello/volleyball/studies...and leaves the boys alone for a few more till she's in her mid-twenties!!!! 
Yes...she is biracial, but I don't see her as anything but my grandchild...


Chung said...

She is so very beautiful, and so very talented, and I think it's great that you both meditate when you get together!!!

Even though I'm a Witch, I still sit zazen.

Chirasree Banerjee said...

Yeah time flies... Lovely post!

One Fly said...

Very nice TMoon. Good on you two!

Dee said...

Dear Turquoisemoon, your granddaughter is such a lovely young lady now. Watching a child grow seems to me to be one of the greatest gifts in life. I've never had children, but friends have shared theirs with me and so I've had the joy of meeting a child of one or two and finding them so interesting and also finding myself thinking about what they might become. So having this history in photographs and memories is such a treasure trove of relationship and personality. How blessed you are. Peace.

Teresa Evangeline/Bayou Summer said...

She's absolutely beautiful. What fun, to have such a talented young girl to hang with.

My Grama's Soul said...

You have one beautiful granddaughter.


turquoisemoon said...

Chung, We've meditated together since she was around 4. She would close her little eyes and she never peeked..I know cause I did!

Chirasree, Yes it sure does. I look back at her pics and just wonder where the time all went. We've had such fun together.

Fly, We have a blast together. Now that she's in photography, you should see some of the places we go to shoot... She's really good!!!

Dee, Thank you for such kind words. I feel blessed. I hope her teens go well...

Teresa, ...and she's fun!!! Thank you for the complement!!!

My Grama's Soul, Thank you so much! I think she's beautiful inside and out...but I'm her grammy!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

She is such a beautiful young girl, and very talented. It's wonderful to have grandchildren. I hope to one day!

Arkansas Patti said...

She is just beautiful. Lucky that she has so many interests. That will keep her on the right path during those scary teen years. How neat that she meditates. What a great tool.

turquoisemoon said...

Martha, She's a wonderful grandchild! I hope she continue photography too...she's really talented. Hope you have grands someday too...they're a joy!

Patti, Ooh thank you!!! I think she is beautiful, but I'm her grammy. I hope she stays on the right path too. So far, she has a great group of friends. We just talked about pier pressure, while driving to Omaha. We have such wonderful talks..I hope she "remembers".

Debra She Who Seeks said...

She looks like a terrific young woman. Girls like her give me hope for the future. And it sounds like you and she have a wonderful relationship!

Lisa said...

She is amazingly beautiful and fortunate enough to have a grandmother who taught her to meditate. A valuable and necessary skill indeed. Lisa x

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, We have so much fun together... I'm just hoping "boys" don't interfere too much.

Lisa, Thank you so much!!! I hope as she gets older she remembers to just breath...


This was fun watching your granddaughter grow to teen-hood in your photos. Time waits for no one. She is beautiful and so involved in life! You are so lucky to be able to spend so many hours with her.-- barbara

turquoisemoon said...

Barbara, I feel lucky!!!It's been fun watching her grow up.