Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day Trips...I Love them!

 Another Kansas Falls is checked off!!!
Cottonwood Falls
Really isn't a falls, but is listed??? huh???
 Loved the colors of this place. 
Cottonwood Falls was very interesting.
Old jails, old stores, old streets.
I'm going back because I really wanted a photo of the courthouse, but it was being worked on and just didn't make a pretty pic. The reason I really wanted that photo is because of it's history. I guess they had a hangin judge there and he would stand in one of the big windows and watch.
  Loved this ole house. It was beside the deserted house below. 
They were way out in the country.
 A Ford tractor....never had heard of this before.
 In my travel book, the town of Lebo is famous for one thing....
BETO Junction.
Yes, it's a truck stop, but everyone around here has heard of it or been there...
BETO stands for 4 nearby area cities. Burlington, Emporia, Topeka and Ottawa.
It's now a TA...dang! but the huge cinnamon rolls and home-cooked dinners are still there.
Strong City is known for its rodeo
 Most of the town is deserted.
Below is a boarded up window of the ole opera house.
The deserted railroad station.
Here's what's so cool about this area. They all fought the establishment of The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, but now money is starting to come into these small towns and plans are being developed to restore some of these fantastic old places. Tourists are coming, so now business is picking up.
Bed and Breakfast!!! Antique Stores! Art Galleries! Diners! Fudge shops!!!
I can't imagine people flocking to this area just to visit BETO junction...
Change is sometimes good. Change is always happening whether we realize it or not.
Nothing stays the same.


Laurie said...

I enjoyed this post so much and I think you're right, nothing stays the same, have a wonderful day and thanks for showing us the great spot,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You know that a town has really "made it" as a tourist spot when a fudge shop opens up! This looks like a great day trip -- lots to see and photograph. But I must say, those Falls are a tad disappointing, LOL!

Manzanita said...

An interesting trip through days gone by. I love those old mid-west towns and you can almost see the history come alive. That falls looks so gentle and peaceful, like an aspen grove. That is what I always plant for their therapy but they are close to the cottonwood tree and I imagine that was the dominate tree along the water. They both rustle so gently in a breeze.

Arkansas Patti said...

That lovely house with the columns sure looks worse for wear.
I love day trips and need to take more. Exploring is such fun.

turquoisemoon said...

Laurie, Change is always difficult. I think most of us tend to avoid it as much as possible. I believe their way of life is going to change. For sure it's going to add some life to those ole deserted towns.

Debra, The falls was Very Disappointing!!! But they've got fudge!!!

Manzanita, The falls was a real disappointment, but I'll bet it's a good fishing hole. Most of the trees around the rivers are cottonwoods. I think they're beautiful.

Patti, I love my day trips. Last week I actually went away for two nights with my granddaughter. I'll post about that later... I love exploring and these little trips just add some excitement in my you know it's "making hay time". BF doesn't get home till very late. He eats, showers, and is off to bed.

One Fly said...

I enjoyed this sooo much and each picture is cool too. Good stuff. This is what I like to do too. What is it about the Ford tractor you don't know about. I would love to get in that big abandoned house. Yup - really good pictures.

Lisa said...

Beautiful but with a tinge of sadness. Gorgeous buildings deserted and boarded up. love this post.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wow, what a wonderful day trip, and you have taken some amazing photos. I love photographing abandoned buildings, barns, ghost towns, etc. They're all so interesting. And they all have a story to tell!

gregory urbano said...

Thats a great looking small town and the falls are a plus! Hopefully you will get back for the courthouse as they are the centerpieces for towns like that!

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Ooh because I've never seen a ford tractor before and thought it looked funny...remember, I'm a city gal and just unfamiliar of tractors. And, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the pics. I enjoyed my little trip too..

Lisa, There is a tinge of sadness, but I think this area is going to have a come back because of the National Preserve that is now in the area too.

Martha, These are what I love photographing too! My imagination just goes wild.

Gregory, That courthouse is huge and looms over the small town. I'm going to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in a few weeks, I'll go back to Cottonwood Falls and see if it's completed.

Chung said...

That water is so peaceful to look at, and I love the sound of running water, and even water that's so still, that all one hears is silence.

Also I love the way those vines are climbing alongside that house!!!

turquoisemoon said...

Chung, I have a saying I love, "I am not the voices in my head, I am the silence between the voices."

CraveCute said...

What a wonderful trip! So many beautiful places to see! I love the house with the columns, sad to see the old farm houses and barns go.

turquoisemoon said...

CuteCrave oops! CraveCute, I love my little day trips. I didn't get out this week and next, being the 4th of July week, I kind of doubt it... But that following week, I'm planning a fun one... :)

Randy said...

Looks like it was a good trip!

turquoisemoon said...

Oh really was a good trip.