Friday, May 17, 2013

Waterfalls to Z...Almost Done!

Kansas City is known for its fountains, not waterfalls, but I'm finding them. hmmmm...maybe next I'll start shooting fountains because we have some beautiful ones!
This was one of the first waterfalls I found in Kansas. The Osawatomie Dam Falls.
I just don't think of this as a real waterfall...but it is listed.
This one is fairly near my house. This is the Cedar Creek Falls.  Again it is man-made. It's right off the road, but I had never noticed it before.  Olathe Lake (where the falls is located) is on the west side of town, I live on the east side. If it wasn't for this challenge, I probably wouldn't have even found it. Anyway, Olathe Lake is a pretty little lake. Doesn't allow boats with motors or swimming... What's a lake if you can't swim in it??? Why take the kids/grand kids? A picnic...well the kids aren't really into picnics-they want Happy Meals!
Now this one is natural - Wow! and right here in Olathe! Where have I been??? This one is Cedar Lake Falls. Can you believe this is in Kansas??? About 15 minutes from my house...sheesh!  I had to hike a short (very short) distance to get this photo. But----when I got out of the woods, I had about 5 tics on me. I itched for two days. I also imagined them on me and searched my hair for a week.  From what I understand tics are very bad this year.
This falls captured my imagination. Even though there is a car dealership on the other side, I still imagined wagon trains camped by this falls. Women in long skirts, maybe washing clothes or just filling water jugs...oooh here I go...back to the pioneer days.
Wonder if I lived back in those times...a previous life maybe?
This one is in Missouri, but right on the state line. Fitzhugh-Watts Mill Creek Falls.
The town of New Santa Fe, Missouri, or Little Santa Fe as some called it, stood at the junction of the Santa Fe Trail and State Line, what is now 121st and State Line. It was the last bit of civilization before pioneers heading for Oregon or New Mexico crossed into the wilds of what is now Kansas. If they needed a wagon wheel or a bottle of whiskey at that point, they either got it in New Santa Fe or got along without it.
An Indian village was first on this land and the ancient Indian trail heading south and west was used by many traders. The path became known as the Santa Fe Trail. The area became a popular stopping place because of the grass, water and camping grounds.
Tryst Falls, is in Missouri, but still near Kansas City. This was the first falls I found and have previously posted about this.  This was the start of my search of area falls...since I can't head for Colorado right now...sigh!!!
X is next...What in the world will I come up with for X???


Jan (The Crooked Candle) said...

Love the waterfall pics...hate the tics!!!

These are gorgeous and right in your own backyard, so to speak...WOW!!!

X...happen to have any x-ray photos around? Or maybe and old treasure map where X marks the spot :)

turquoisemoon said...

Jan, Thanks! I really hate tics. I put on so much tic spray now, that they would slide off me. Those are some good X ideas, but I'm also using this A to Z to practice photography. hmmm...still thinking.

Arkansas Patti said...

Really liked the water level shot. Nice.
Interesting about the Santa Fe trail.
Thanks, now my skin will crawl most of the day. I hate ticks. So many diseases they carry.

Dee said...

Dear Turquoisemoon, thanks for locating these falls for us. I live here on the western side of Missouri, in Independence where the three trails west began: to Oregon, California and Santa Fe. Every year the city celebrates SantaCaliGon in September. The word is a combination of the three areas to which the trails led.

I hope to travel a few miles and see the waterfalls you featured today. But I'll try to avoid those ticks. I shudder a the very thought of ticks. Peace.

turquoisemoon said...

Patti...ewwww...I hate tics too! I think one of the worst disease is Lyme. It can really make a person sick. I'm learning quite a bit as I "pretend vacation" in my own area.

Dee, I figured you lived near me. I live in Olathe. I've gone to the SantaCaliGon Festival quite a few times. Love all the crafts. If you go to the Cedar Lake Falls, be sure to put tic spray on...! We'll have to try to hook up sometime and meet for coffee. We really don't live too far from each other.

Chung said...

Those falls are absolutely beautiful, and I find it so calming when I look at them, sorry to hear what you had to go through with those ticks though.

turquoisemoon said...

Chung, I only found 5, but my mind had me feeling and looking for them for a week. hahaha...funny what the mind can do.

Manzanita said...

WOW... You really hang in there. :)
I like water as it splashes down an embankment. Montana has very little water. At least we have the Missouri River.

turquoisemoon said...

Manzanita, W = WoW!!! hahaha... We also have the Missouri River, so we are connected.

Lisa said...

Beautiful shots. Water is so healing.
For X i suggest old X-ray films, we all have one or two lying around somewhere !

turquoisemoon said...

Lisa, Good idea, but my A to Z have to be my photos. I have to take the picture, which makes it a tad more difficult. Thanks anyway...