Saturday, May 4, 2013

Q = Quaint


One definition of quaint is "having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque: a quaint old house.
I've lived in the KC area all my life, but have never explored.
This year, I've been exploring...
Stein's ~ Day Trips from Kansas City,  has been my guide.
The house, above, is in Lawrence, Ks...qute and quaint. How's that for Q???
She describes the towns, a tad bit of history, best places to eat and spend the night (if need be).
She also indicates whether or not the town has antebellum or Victorian homes to view and tour. I'll be honest, I can't always tell the difference. I know the dictionary definition, but in some cases,  have a hard time telling the difference in real life. No big deal...I guess, because I just describe them as "quaint"...


One Fly said...

Whatever it is I would love to get inside that house!!!

Out on the prairie said...

I love this style of home, a real classic


Nice Quaint house. You might become the new expert on your regional history. You can give tours of all those quaint houses. Teasing of course. Fun post -- barbara

Manzanita said...

Are you still doing the A-Z?
I took a little breather and at it again.
I don't know houses.But it loos quaint to me too
Remember the song that goes, "In a quaint caravan there's a lady they call the gypsy. She will look in your future and drive away all your fears. (I think.... something like that)

I used to sing that all the time. Now I can't even remember the words.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Ooh I'd love it too! It was privately owned. I guess I could have just knocked on the door? and asked for a tour???

Steve, They've got lot's of this style in Lawrence. I need to go back and take more pics. Lawrence is only about 30 min. from where I live. I saw this one while looking for a way to get close to the Kansas River for my K. hahaha

Barbara, By the time I get done with this book, I'll probably know the differences between Victorian and antebellum??? maybe!

Manzanita, Yes, I'm still doing the A to Z...but, I'm so ready to be done with it. I'm starting to look at things/places/people as letters.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Quaint" is one of those grand old words!

Teresa Evangeline/Bayou Summer said...

Love old, intriguing houses and the architecture. Great looking house!

Arkansas Patti said...

Quaint always makes me thing that it has an interesting history. That house has some great stories inside those walls.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, yep! I plan on using it much more often.

Teresa, I would love to go in that house. Loved the windows and wondered what the window treatment might look like.

Patti, The old houses in Lawrence have seen quite a bit of history. Lawrence was burned to the ground by Quantrill's Raiders in 1863. I've got to learn more about that. Those were interesting times.

Randy said...

Beautiful place.