Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturdays at the Rio

Growing up in the 50's was fun. 
We played and played and played...
We had forts, tree houses, fence horses, stick horses (really every kind of horse imaginable) We rode bikes, attached playing cards to them so when riding it made a buzzing noise. We had wagons filled with dirt to baby dolls to rocks to wood that was going to become some kind of war tool (sheesh...we made guns???)  Lilac bushes made the best houses. Normally they were planted, grouped together...forming our rooms. We would play in the bushes all day, with our babies...making dirt treats for them to eat.
We made bracelets out of clover and dolls out of other flowers. We went everywhere...all day. We walked from one friends house to another...without calling home. Led by Tommy P, we sneaked into vacant homes, in search of ghosts or robbers or dead bodies...  Played ball and sometimes we fought.
  We walked uptown without a worry or care in the world...
As long as we all were home by 4:00 all was well...
On Saturdays, a quarter would get us into the Rio.
Sometimes...just sometimes...We'd get our quarters and go to the show.
The theater was talking, laughing, eating...just making noise. The manager, a very old hag of a woman...looking back, she was probably in her  40's.  She yelled at everyone to shut up and carried a stick to poke kids with. She would refuse to start the movie till we became still...easier for the girls to do. The boys still burped or made other noises that kept the movie from starting.
A news reel ran first, then a preview (just one)  and then a cartoon...then the movie.
Once the movie started, it signaled another activity. The older kids would start necking...the younger ones would roam up and down the isles, checking on where everyone was sitting and also checking out the older teens...necking. was disgusting!!!! hahaha
The manager would then walk the isles and tap that stick on the lovesick teens...they couldn't even be holding hands. She also chased down the younger ones, making them go back to their seats. Sometimes it got so out of control, she'd stop the movie... Looking back, I'm thinking what an awful job that must have been for her.
I sometimes rant on "these kids today"...but we weren't perfect either. Unsupervised, most of the time...we were sometimes rather bad and sometimes we did some scary things (we survived obviously) ... I smoked in the 5th grade with my friend Diane. I kissed Timmy L, then later beat him up because he told Linda H. In honesty, I can really relate to the movie Stand By Me...and, like the movie it all changed when we went to junior high. My family moved during my 6th grade to a completely different area of town. The kids at my new school had formed their friendships and already thinking of the next year in junior high.
The following school year started and soon new friendships were formed. Dancing was now the thing...
The Twist hit when I was about 13 or 14...
Ommmmmm or should I say
...should we dance we did last summer?????
Chubby Checker's
The Twist
Come on baby let's do the twist
Come on baby let's do the twist
Take me by my little hand and go like this
Ee-oh twist baby baby twist
Oooh-yeah just like this
Come on little miss and do the twist

My daddy is sleepin' and mama ain't around
Yeah daddy is sleepin' and mama ain't around
We're gonna twisty twisty twisty
'Til we turn the house down
Come on and twist yeah baby twist
Oooh-yeah just like this
Come on little miss and do the twist

Yeah you should see my little Sis
You should see my my little Sis
She really knows how to rock
She knows how to twist
Come on and twist yeah baby twist
Oooh-yeah just like this
Come on little miss and do the twist
Yeah rock on now
Yeah twist on now


Manzanita said...

That theater manager sounds like hell on wheels with a stick. She wouldn't dare do that to kids today but a lot of these kids today need a stick... or 2.
Did you ever make dolls from corn and the long silk was the hair. Also I remember holly-hock dolls. They were like such pretty ladies with big skirts.
Ha ha ha...You kissed a boy and then beat him up.
I suppose the kids of today will look back on their childhood with as much fondness but it is just different than ours.

turquoisemoon said...

Manzanita...Yes, Timmy learned a valuable lesson, "Don't kiss and tell." Looking back at the manager, she wasn't really old or a hag, she just had a really bad job. I was trying to think of my favorite flower doll and just couldn't remember the name of the flower..It was the holly-hock. Thanks!!! Never made dolls from corn. hahaha bet they were beautiful. I rag on the kids today, so thought it was only fair to admit I wasn't perfect... At least we were creative in the trouble we got in to...???hahaha

Gypsy Boho said...

I can so relate to your post today. Brought back fond memories. Thanks.

turquoisemoon said...

GB, Ooh we had fun, didn't we???!!!

One Fly said...

Another great post but doing what you described we all did doesn't add up to bad. Just fired up about the movie something that was a novelty that didn't happen that often back then for us. Kids today have access to hundreds of movies and and most are just that another movie. Did you run with a gang of other tomboy's??

Arkansas Patti said...

You are younger than me but we had almost identical childhoods. Weren't they great and nothing required batteries.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Ooh gosh yes! There were about 10 of us, both girls and boys. I was a tomboy, but also played with my dolls. Parents didn't go to the Saturday matinee, and it was loaded with kids from all the area mayhem!!! I think a lot of us were like that and that's why that movie (Stand By Me) was so well liked. Most could relate... "Mickey's a mouse, Donald's a duck, Pluto's a dog. What's Goofy?"

turquoisemoon said...
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turquoisemoon said...

Patti, I know!!! Some of your posts remind me of many similarities. I still live near the area I grew up. I drive by the Rio and the filling station (where I had my first cigarette) and remember... Lots of memories...

Introverted Art said...

I would love to have taken some time off but couldn't :( starting right away


I hear ya. Same childhood and I loved it. -- barbara

turquoisemoon said...

Ana...Well good luck and keep us posted!!!

Barbara, I think this is why I get so frustrated with kids today...they don't know what they're missing. Our imaginations were wild and I honestly think that has helped me thru this life. I think that's why I'm such an optimist!!! :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's right -- in the summer, our Mom would shoo us out the door after breakfast and we could run wild all over town, all by ourselves, all day long. The only rule was to come home for lunch when the town siren blew at noon and to come home for supper at 5:00 when the railroad crew came back down the track on the jigger. I feel sorry for kids today too. Poor over-scheduled, over-sheltered little buggers.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, Didn't we have fun??? ...and I'm sure you got into some creative trouble too!!!??? hahaha I feel sorry for them too. I also wonder about their parents? don't they remember???

Out on the prairie said...

I've twisted the night away.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, Hahahaha...!!! Twist and Shout...