Monday, March 18, 2013

Researching Yoda

1985-Pale Rider...Megan Wheeler: Preacher? Preacher? 
We love you Preacher...
 I love
  you!... Good-bye! many times are they going to run/re-run this movie???
Every-night!!! that's how many...
If I had to give up either the TV or the Internet...the TV would be history.
Yes...there are tons of great movies, but why do they run the same ones over and over and over again?
This "Wisdom of Yoda" cartoon was posted on FB this week. Thinking back to the release of Star Wars, I found the sayings of Yoda interesting and wondered where in the world the creators came up with such wisdom??? Back then, a research would have taken weeks...if the information could even be found anywhere.  Today, with a few clicks on the puter, I know when/where/who created Yoda. The entire cast and creators. Their religion...oooh, and their political affiliation...Not to mention the entire script.
Is TV dated and doomed? 
Mindless reality shows, dated re-runs, infomercials, an obsession with the movie stars (Kardashians comes to mind).
Programs with any depth beg for funding... And why is that??? I've never heard Fox News ever beg for funding...oh! and I need to add that to the list of TV blah blah blah...
If you had to...which would you give up? TV or Internet???


Out on the prairie said...

I leave the movie for work and often come back to the same.Thank goodness for many channels with my late schedule.

One Fly said...

The TB been history for maybe 10 years and I am better off for it.

I want me my internets though!!

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, Sounds like you'd rather have the TV??? You and my BF..hahaha!!!

Fly, I'm so bored with TV... BF watches (of course...Fox) and all the ole westerns. John Wayne over and over and over... Trust me, I know all the lines. The last 6 months they've been running all the ole Eastwood movies. Sheesh...there's a lot of good movies out there. How come they don't run any of those??? Really, how come??? Are they just relying on the mindless??? so people can sleep??? Ooh and the scary/slasher ones??? huh????

One Fly said...

It's like this even though most will disagree - I believe America is the land of mediocrity has been and will continue to be.

You can put any amount and type of ingredients on a sandwich and call it unique but it's still a piece of meat that has had the flavor gened out it. For many years the US trumpeted it's "Exceptionalism" and there was a lot of truth to that.

Recently it was reported young adults were saying how good they were at what they did and how smart they were or something to that effect. Fact of the matter is they are not. It's not even close but they think they are exceptional. A lot of people in our country are proud of not accepting facts that use science and mathematics.

The TB is a huge part of this country's decline into the crazy. I am seldom around it and a commercial is like torture. I do not watch commercials on the internets either. It has to be something I want to see badly.

Admittedly I miss a few things that would be entertaining or informative but I'm better off missing them.

These are our air waves and part of the deal for the use of them was education and public access. That didn't really happen.

It's important to remember it's the 1% who owns this medium and they have an agenda. They can kiss my you know what for giving never ending credibility to many given airtime to tell outright lies with no rebuttal. The Sun talk show whores are very near the top.

If it's in your house it will be on. Until it's gone it will be the same for you. Sorry bout dat.

I have to add that if I could choose maybe half a dozen channels and get nothing more and have the cost be 10-15$ then I would consider having a TV. That will never happen.

Arkansas Patti said...

I wish I could break the TV habit for it seems the shows I do like, no one else does and they get cancelled in favor of a dumb reality show. Those I know who have pulled the plug on TV are much happier people.
Could not do with out the internet. It is like have all the worlds info at my finger tips and I am such a curious person.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'd give up TV. Anything that's good on TV you can find on the internet anyway!

TravelBug-Susan said...

Pet peeve:scary/slasher/horror/mindless movies.

Randy said...

All I have is the Internet. No TV here so it's safe to say the Internet is staying.

turquoisemoon said...

Patti, I know...I love the internet. I start out researching one thing, next thing I know, I'm looking at all sorts of completely different things. I love the recipes I find, love pinterest, I research, shop, and love love photography tutorials. I also spend time on spiritual stuff... Also, I have you cyber friends!!!

Debra, Me too... You know, I don't think I've seen a good program on TV for at least a year...or maybe more. There was a series about the National Parks...thinkin that's the last good thing I've watched.

Susan, Agreed!!! ...and they're on all the time anymore??? Why is that?? I remember when they were on only during Halloween time...what's up with this???

Randy, If it weren't for BF, I'd get rid of the TV. He's so hooked on Fox Newx and old westerns...humpf!!!

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Apparently I struck a nerve!?! One of these days, I'll have to post about BF's mother. She whined about being poor to BF, so monthly he sent her about $1000. After she passed, he found out what she was doing with that money. Sending it to the Sunday morning fellas... Also she was a hoarder and bought from infomercials... like 5 juicers, 8 skillets, 7 mop thingies, etc...the list goes on and on and on. Couldn't walk thru her house (ugh!)He brought them all here (remember my last post?) and I sold them at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar. Very Sad!
As for my thoughts...As a Buddhist, it's very important for me to be in the moment. The whole point is be "awake". I find that TV is lulling people into a sleep and find it becoming very scary.

Linda Starr said...

And there are so many reruns, aren't there enough writers needing work that they cant' come up with some new episodes. Ha. I'd have to give up the TV before the internet for sure. I do like the public channel movies though.

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, OOoh that's another issue...where is any creativity??? Law and Order??? I love public channels too. Did you see the special on our National Parks? It was awesome!