Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Treasure Hunt

 I went to work, yesterday, and my friend (I went to NM with her last year) was all excited to see me.
She had heard about some hidden treasure and a poem with 9 hints as to where a treasure is buried/hid.
It's supposed to be north of Santa Fe. Over 5000 in elevation. I found a FB site and many others are trying to figure out the poem's hints...without disclosing too much of their own researches.
The poem mentions Brown...could be Molly Brown, so the treasure may be in Colorado. But...brown could be the brown trout. 
Last weeks news reported one woman, was found alive in the Sandia Mtns after 3 days...she was searching for this treasure.
I laughed and laughed at my friend. Told her she must have been watching too much of City Slickers II - The Legend of Curly's Gold.
Anyway, we're going out to eat Chinese tonight (yep! that same buffet where I slipped on those daggum mushrooms) and we're going to take a deeper look at this poem...and establish a plan of attack. A plan to become rich! A plan for an adventure!!!
A treasure hunt!!!
She's super gung ho...
Me, I'm more reserved...but! feelin the urge to start doing
The Walter Huston Jackrabbit Dance

The Poem
This poem written by Forrest Fenn contains nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of his rainbow and the treasure. Happy Hunting!
As I have gone alone in there
And with my treasures bold,
I can keep my secret where,
And hint of riches new and old.
Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.
Put in below the home of Brown.
From there it's no place for the meek,
The end is ever drawing nigh;
There'll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.
If you've been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Just take the chest and go in peace.
So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answer I already know,
I've done it tired, and now I'm weak.
So hear me all and listen good,
Your effort will be worth the cold.
If you are brave and in the wood
I give you title to the gold.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy hunting and good luck!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hummmm. No where near here I fear. Think instead I will hunt yard sales for another one of those 2 million dollar 5 inch bowls. Pretty sure I will have the same luck.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, Wouldn't it be fun???

Patti, I can see you dancing that jackrabbit dance too...along with skipping! hahaha

Manzanita said...

Jack Rabbit dance, huh
Why didn't Forest Fenn Keep the treasure?
Good luck

turquoisemoon said...

Manzanita, The dance is from The Treasure of Sierra Madre, really funny... I haven't read all the information on Fenn and so I don't know his reasoning. Lots of people are looking for this treasure and trying to figure out the 9 hints that are in the poem. One person on FB stated that they've been trying to figure it out for the past two years. Geez...this is just a fun reason to go to Santa Fe and eat enchiladas...hahaha!!!

Chung said...

That sure sounds like fun!

turquoisemoon said...

Chung, It sure does! However...maybe we're just looking for any reason to go to NM??!!! Love NM, especially in the Spring!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

My fulltiming journey was a long time in the planning stages and the plan went awry, many times. It's finally come to fruition and I am loving it!

O all the place I have visited in New mexico, so far, T or C is my favorite!

turquoisemoon said...

Cyndi and of course Stumpy...Love your blog. I follow and dream. As you can see by my current post, I'm already looking for a reason to head down there. Never been to T or C, might just become part of my plan...


I lived north of Santa Fe,in the mountains, before I moved to KY. That poem describes just about all that exists north of Santa Fe. There is a similar gold miner's treasure hid here in KY that folks talk about. Of course no one has found the treasure. One thing wonderful about looking for a treasure in N.M. is the landscapes are awesome! -- barbara

turquoisemoon said...

Barbara, I doubt if there really is a treasure, but just dreaming of getting back down there. I'm really wanting to go to Ghost Ranch and spend some time there? Have you ever been there?