Friday, August 17, 2012

State Fair of Yesteryear

Went to the Missouri State Fair this week.
When I was little, the fair was loaded with sideshows.
I remember getting to see the Bearded Lady.
I also remember a 5 legged cow.
One time I got to see the 650 pound woman, her husband and child. 
I remember this one because I still have the postcard that mom bought as a fair souvenir.

Gone are the we have reality shows.
I also miss "real" cotton candy. Remember how fluffy it was? and how it almost melted before you could eat it all? hmmmm...they must be putting something into it it lasts longer.
 Sure doesn't taste like it used to.
The midway has changed too. The rides are much bigger. I also remember how the electrical cords used to run along the ground. Now they're covered for safety,
 Also the midway is now on cement...not the ole muddy ground.
The competition area, ie, 4H, flower arrangement, pies/cakes, largest potato, etc has also been modernized. I'm wondering how many people enter these??? 
It might be fun...
Have you ever entered anything at a fair??? 
BF entered a pig when he was in 4H (just found that out this week) hahaha
Some things haven't changed...
My favorite thing at a fair has always been the ducks.
You carefully pick out your lucky duck.
Everyone's a winner!!!


One Fly said...

This was fun TMoon. I remember a lot of the same but wasn't a huge fan of cotton candy. The Colorado State Fair starts next weekend I think. The Savoy wasn't open in Trinidad but it will be soon.


I remember going to the Texas State Fair when I was a kid and sitting on top of the ferris wheel with my Daddy, thinking...'it doesn't get any better than this.'...and I was right.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Are you going to the fair? I got some fun pics. Good place to take the camera. I haven't gone to the Savoy in KC yet...kind of expensive.

Yellowdog, Yep, you're right!!! Fun, kindof scary, but a feeling of being safe cause you're with dad.

Introverted Art said...

Ha, Monkey Girl is still around ;-)

turquoisemoon said...

hahaha...!!! Too funny...

Linda Starr said...

they're putting a lot of things in the food nowadays I think.

things change but as long as we're all lucky ducks I can take it.

Randy said...

I haven't been to the fair in years. Maybe it's time for a visit this year.

NitWit1 said...

I always made the Texas State Fair as it was near my October birth date, and the infamous OU-UT football shoot out.

I also attended an operatic singer's oerformance at the The State Fair theater in the mid-70s.

But local fairs have a flavor all their own. I have attended several county fairs in my lifetime.

:ots of fun, rides and unhealthy delicious fast foods.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I saw a Spider Girl once here at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Cost a loonie (one dollar) to go in and see her. Lots of fun!

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, I always spring for a lucky duck! :)

Randy, It had been quite awhile since I had been to one. I'll probably go again next year, but without BF. I really wanted to do some photography and felt like I was inconveniencing him. Next time, I'll probably just go by myself.

NitWit, Yes!! lots of yummy unhealthy food! I don't eat the stuff too often, so once in awhile couldn't hurt.

Debra, YOU saw the amazing Spider Girl??? Double cool...