Thursday, August 9, 2012

County Fair

 Not much going on around here. It's still extremely hot.
 This morning, while it was still cool, I ran out to the county fair.
 The 4H kids were up and at um. Animals were being fed and cleaned up for the judging.
Got down on one knee to take one of the pics and realized what my knee was in....ugh!!!
 I'm impressed with these kids. The care and pride each and every one of them showed their animals, amazed me.
This guy figured out what those ribbons were really for.
It was good to see kids out...being active. They were busy and...not on cell phones. Didn't see even one person texting. I'm sure, as the day moves on, the phones will appear. 
Anyway, I'm glad I got there early. The atmosphere was delightful.
I'm sure that as the day heats up, and the carnival section opens, the mood will change.
Have a blue ribbon day...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope you were wearing jeans and not shorts when you knelt down, LOL!

One Fly said...

Your pictures are just like being there. I can smell each one of them.