Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jess a Challenge

 My photo challenge for last week.
During the week, I've been visiting some interesting sites, around the KC area, so I can practice taking pictures. This gets me out of the house and from doing chores. Kind of a mini vacation, or at least I'm pretending...hahaha. As I gas up the car, it kind of feels like I'm heading out, somewhere...
It also gives me a chance to practice taking pictures. 
So guess where I went last week???
The last picture is the "dead" giveaway!!! Sheesh...I think I'm sooo funny!!! 
What tips can you all give me?
Are some sites just not photogenic???
We weren't allowed to take pics in the house...copyright reasons, they said.
For me, this was a photo challenge...I walked around and around the house, just looking for an interesting shot. I went up close and tried from different angles. I got down on the ground. I stood way back and got real close. I did get some exercise...There was stuff around that just ruined what I thought might be a cool mowing equipment and piles of repair wood or stones.
The top picture would/could have been fun, if they hadn't been working on one side of it...dang! So I tried a side view...and just look at the far right end, trash containers!!! I said, something was in every shot that made it a struggle.
 The only picture that interested me was the window. I came home and played Photoshop with it. Got rid of that little bit of greenery.
I had fun, but this dag gum picture takin is a struggle.
Off to work...right after I go meditate...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You got some great shots! And you didn't get "held up" by any ghosts, did you?

Sandy Jorgensen said...

My favorite is the window shot! I'll give you an A plus.

Jane said...

Wow - I'd venture that's a pretty famous tombstone - I just love the inscription! I really like that first pic very much and the window shot as well - if the greenery was fuller and encroaching on the window itself, it would actually have added more visual interest. I know what you mean about 'stuff' getting in the way of a great shot. It's annoying. Trying all different angles is something I am famous for - I think you need to explore all the possibilities and sometimes the perspective is what makes the pic. Photography is a life-long learning experience.

Rubye Jack said...

These photos all look great to me. Jesse James eh?


I love to drive around west and take pictures..but usually only end up taking pictures of clouds.

One Fly said...

Don't feel like you screwed your pictures up because you didn't. Many times it just doesn't come together. I think buildings are tough to do and for me they become more illustrative than not.

It seems you were working at it trying different things an such. I haven't taken a decent picture in a week and that's a fact. It's a hundred and I'm staying in the shade where there's a breeze.

The James Gang robbed a train in Adair,IA supposedly the first ever and then skedaddled back back to Missouri.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, No...but felt that I'd been robbed. Thanks for the attaboy...

Sandy, Thanks...I thought that was the only decent shot.

Jane, That greenery was all that was in the picture. Enough to bug me, and not enough to add interest. There was so much stuff around...I felt very annoyed. But, It was practice.

Rubye, Yep, Jesse James boyhood home. They really aren't very good pics. I blame the place, but I'll bet Ansel Adams could have made it work!

Yellowdog, That's what I should have done! Clouds would have been more interesting.

Fly, It's hot around here too. I got hot and frustrated. I was all excited till they told me that we couldn't take any pics inside. That would have been too cool. Did he really rob that train, or was he just blamed for it??? He was blamed for all sorts of shenanigans. hmmmm...I'll have to look that up.

One Fly said...

Pretty sure it's true. Supposed to have slit the money up at a country church that still stands several miles south of Fontanelle,IA.

I should have said as did Sandy J. that I like the window as well. None of the pictures here are bad - not even a little bit.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Maybe an E for effort!!! I'm really enjoying photography. Good or bad's fun! Granddaughter is coming over this week and we're heading for the zoo and a few other places. Got her a camera for Christmas. She's artistic and gosh! her pics turn out great! And she's 12. Now I'll have to look up how far Fontanelle is from the James farm. Figure I'll have to do some reading up on JJ.

Ashling said...

Great house, cool photos...and it's really awesome that you are taking those 'mini-vacations' just to explore & photograph!

turquoisemoon said...

Ashling, I've lived in the KC area all my life and realized that there's a lot of places I've simply not seen. Retirement and a new camera is giving me the opportunity to explore my own backyard, to stay active and get out of housework!!!