Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tornado Season

About two weeks ago, a tornado was spotted near my house. 
I wasn't home, at the time...was at a photography class (also in direct line of the tornado).
BF called me and told me to head for a shelter. Others, at the class, were also getting the same message from friends and family. The class was let out and I headed home...not what BF wanted me to do, and was not really very smart.  BF was in the basement with Sophie...his blond girlfriend/my precious fur baby...but---
he had left the birds upstairs, stuff!!!
I know, "stuff" can be replaced...but, gosh...
This pitch pot, by Navajo potter Betty Manygoats, is simply not replaceable.  It's pretty big and just look at the workmanship.  Look at all the little horny toads...she uses a bobby pin to add all those indentures.
This piece is huge. Rafalita Aguilar (Santa Domingo) is known for her large ollas. She's a tad older than me, making her mmmm...getting fairly (gulp) old!  She digs up her clay (a secret spot) and works it by hand. It's perfectly shaped.  The piece is fired in an open pit. Manure is used to make it black...but what is amazing is the shine. It's stone polished. This polishing stone has been handed down from generation to generation...simply awesome!!!
I have family pictures...they're already downstairs. I have other items, I consider just wonderful...but they're mostly replaceable. 
Tornado warnings send me scampering...I know, if my family (including the birds) are in immediate danger, I'll proceed directly to the basement. But, if there's any time, I will collect some of my favs to save also.
Would you do this??? What, if you had time, would you save?
Oooh...and I'd make sure I had my makeup...hahaha!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

If I had time, I might grab family photo albums. Otherwise, just my purse with my ID and credit cards. Go, go, GO!!!!!

Rubye Jack said...

Oh, I would definitely grab that pot to take with me. No doubt about it whatsoever. It's beautiful!

The last big earthquake I was in-the one that collapsed the Bay Bridge in San Francisco/Oakland-sent me running for a couple of cloisonne vases while the house was still rocking. They stayed with me until the shaking stopped. Now, if I saw a tornado coming and was in its direct path, I just might leave that pot behind. :)

However, here in Oklahoma we usually have enough warning that there is the possibility of tornadoes so we can be prepared.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, Yup! family photos are a must! Do you all have tornado's in Canada?

Rubye, We normally have warnings too, and also, tend to watch the skies for telltale weather conditions. But, the tornado we had 2 weeks ago, sneaked up on us. The weather and skies looked somewhat normal, like it could simply rain. It was a light grayish tornado.

Arkansas Patti said...

First I would make sure I was dressed. I have a horror of ending up in a pasture buck naked.
My pets first, then Kindle, laptop and camera with my purse strapped to me.
Tuck my head in my old motorcycle helmet and scurry to my hidey hole.
If I were you, those pots would all ready be in the basement.

turquoisemoon said...

Patti, BF thinks I'm nuts when I start toting "stuff" to the basement. You're so right, clothes are important! Be my luck to be interviewed naked. My horrible fear is outhouses. I don't wanna go in an outhouse. On one of the hikes in RMNP, there's an outhouse that hangs off this side of a mountain. The wind (above the treeline) makes it wobble...oooh so scary!!!

Introverted Art said...

These are beautiful, but your little helper is darling!

turquoisemoon said...

Ana, Thank you. Handmade items are so special. Artists put so much of themselves into their pieces. Sophie is a precious and humorous fur baby. We love her so very much!

Linda said...

After being in some tornadoes in Okla.....I just had to run with Baby Girl in my arms...But if I had time I would grab a couple of pics first and some keepsakes...:) but only if I had time...

Glad I don't have to deal with those anymore...give me a good ole Nor'easter any day of the week!! LOL
those I am ready for... glad you & yours came through ok!!! :)

Jane said...

Scary stuff! I'd grab my purse, boxes of old photos and a few favourite pieces of jewellery if I could. Like you, I love pottery and if time allowed, I'd probably gather up my small collection of Frankoma (Prairie Green) that I've been slowly collecting for years.

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, The last couple of years, I've just put a few things permanently in the basement. Normally, if the skies have that funky look, I just go ahead and get my favorite stuff down there.

Jane, Old photos are already down there. Oooh I love Frankoma pottery.