Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photography 101

Last Christmas, I won the grand prize, a kayak, at our annual company Christmas party.
Thought about it, and finally decided that I'd probably never use it. It was a 12 footer and weighed over 70lbs. It only seated one, so granddaughter and I couldn't do it together. BF doesn't do anything near the water, except water cows.  I couldn't put it on top of my car, so a trailer would have to be purchased...all I can say is dang! because I was so excited. I sold it on Craigslist. Well...with the money in hand, I decided to buy myself something special. Something I could use and would really enjoy. Something I could do with people around or alone. So I bought myself a camera. I bought the Canon Rebel 3TI...it has all the gadgets. In fact, more gadgets than I'll probably ever use or ever figure out. 
The local Ritz shop offers classes and I'm in dire need of them... The first class was just the basic, Introduction to Your New Camera class. I learned how to turn it on... :) 
I'm no photographer, but I love picture takin... 
The next class was Travel Photography...loved this one. We learned how to prepare, composition, and how to take some fun pictures. I learned some rules to taking good shots...like the rule of thirds, framing, etc.
 Since I was going on vacation...perfect timing!!! But...there's a huge difference between a classroom and being out in the middle of NM with no instructor around. Boy...it was like an old fashioned test, and I froze.  I spent time, trying to take some "artistic" shots and geez...what a hoot. Some, I'm just too flat embarrassed to share. Some turned out OK...I will need to do some photoshop editing ... (after I take that class) hahaha
I missed the Macro class, will have to reschedule.
The last class I went to was the Action/Sports class. The next class is Nighttime photography. It's scheduled for the 4th of July. BF goes to bed super early, and we never go anywhere on the 4th, so I've already signed up for that class. I'll be out with my tripod, with all the other beginners...trying to figure out the tripod!!!

OK..in this picture, I was trying to use leading lines and rule of thirds and probably should have used a filter...
In this picture, I was trying framing. It's OK...but, only if you know what the picture was a picture of...???
Here I was trying leading lines again and angles...but I got it wrong. And, it simply didn't turn out interesting!
Here...rule of thirds. They told us to try to keep the subject out of the middle...that it adds more interest if the subject is off center. Do love the colors tho...
Leading lines...but, they didn't really lead anywhere...ugh!!! What was I thinking???
Took this one with no flash. Also leading lines again and tried for an angle.
I forgot what all I was trying on this one.
This one is in my class outline under picture possibilities. They gave us all sorts of ideas for possible cool pics. They displayed their pictures and we all ood and awed.  This is more of a YIKES...what is it???
This has been so much fun. I've learned so much and know, deep in my heart, to not get discouraged. I need lots of practice. It's simply not as easy as a good photographer makes it look 
So...I will continue to go to classes, will read all sorts of books, look at beautiful pictures and practice, practice, practice...and maybe a few


Arkansas Patti said...

You are so smart to take classes. There is so much more to photography than just point and shoot like I do. I never got past P&S and admire those who put out the extra effort.
I liked your efforts a lot and especially that candle shot.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, I think your photos are great! I especially like the dried peppers and the votive candles. I wish I had a macro setting on my camera -- I'd love to be able to take those really close-up shots. You were smart to buy such a good camera with your kayak proceeds.

turquoisemoon said...

Patti, I do a lot of P&S, and a lot of, "everybody get in the picture and smile" type of pictures. These new cameras are so complicated that I really had to take these classes. Funny, they're really crowded. I'll bet there were 30 to 40 in each class.

Debra, Thanks! hahaha..you should see some of my pics!!! I think I'm really going to love that macro feature. Been playing with it...poor Sophie, I've been trying to get a fun pic of her nose. You'd think I was trying to beat her.

One Fly said...

Just because you think you see a picture doesn't mean one can be had. Just take them and every once in a while you'll get a bone. I see pictures you take that to me are very good. Ruins pictures are hard and can get boring. Did you see an animal in the one mentioned? Play and play as the cost is little and have the instruction book close by to read and not to lay around. I came back from three weeks and 932 pictures and from the first go around it's down to 600 or something. There are not that many real good ones at all.

Remember TMoon the ones that aren't so good but have a purpose become illustrative. It's an out for shitty pictures all of us take. The good ones come unexpectedly it seems. Bend over a bit and shoot up if you can hold the camera and do so. I get great results with that.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Ohh thanks for the tips!!! hmmm..can already look back and see that if I had bent over and shot up, they might have been better or more interesting. I spend quite a bit of time alone, so...I'm for sure going to play with my camera. I'm having so much fun... and, like you said, "play as the cost is little..." Ooh! and not only do I have my instruction book, nearby, I've got notes with page numbers attached to it. :)

NitWit1 said...

Ihave taken several of those course (Have a Nikon D5100) and like you will probably never use all of them.

On the shot you didn't know what you were doing....you at least have a lead in and out of the photo diagonally which is my favorite trick. You will never stop learning... I still am.

turquoisemoon said...

Hi NitWit...huh? A lead in and out, diagonally??? I did that? hahaha...now that is funny! I must tell you that when I first went to the class, the instructor looked at my pics (to ck out what camera features I was using) and noted a great picture. It was a dirty coffee mug in BF's truck. I looked at it and laughed cause I took that picture accidentally while trying to figure out my camera...hahaha!!!

Linda said...

These are good...I want to take a photography class too...I know there is so much more than can be done with it & it is something I love...Plus I am a perpetual student...love to learn new things...LOL I will have remember the use of three.. Thanks for the info..:)

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, I too am a perpetual student. Photography class is so much fun. There are some great tutorials on line too... Your pics are wonderful, I can tell you love it too!


I am where you are -- trying to learn the professional way of taking photos. Up to now I have used my eyes alone to set up my photos. I find it difficult to manually set the camera, frame the subject using the appropriate rules, and then snap the photo. Usually the subject has moved on by the time I get it all together. There has to be a better way. I think composition is the most important part of photography. Rules are fine if they don't interfere with the passion of the photo. There are lots of great photographers on Google's G+. Like ONE FLY comments on this post -- essentially --shoot many -- you are bound to get some excellent ones out of the lot. -- barbara

turquoisemoon said...

Barbara, I've been taking lots and lots of pictures. And Fly is right! Some do turn out pretty cool. The rest, well...either I trash them, just put them in a folder or try some Photoshop. I'm learning, but it's very slow. I really, really want to be good, so it's down to practice. I'll have to look up that Google's G+...thanks for the tip!!!