Monday, April 16, 2012

Like A Diary

Sometimes blogging is like a diary...
Days pass and there is nothing to write. Then there are days when
" life" is so busy, there is no time.

Spring is here and there is lots going on. Date night is not a dinner and a's a 5 hr trip to a bull sale in Iowa. BF is a farmer, so this becomes the norm. Dinners out have become lunch at a local diner or (eek) pizza/hotdog at the near by gas station.
The drive was filled with lively conversation, country music blasting in the truck, and a thermos of coffee. Sophie (our fur baby) was excited...the first 10 minutes...then found herself a place, behind the seat, to sleep. I was promised "dinner" when we got there.
The sale barn was already hopping when we got there. Well, not hopping hopping, but filled with guys wearing John Deere ball caps, driving (usually white) diesel trucks and in either cowboy boots or muck boots. I'm a city girl, so I wear nothing that says John Deere... I do have muck boots...I'm not stupid. :)
The bulls were in pens for viewing. I followed BF around as he checked them out. I looked for "cute", I have no idea what he was looking for. All of a sudden, two bulls got out of the pen. They jumped and kicked around at their new found freedom. I jumped too...a fence! As soon as I could, I retreated to the truck and stayed there, with Sophie, till the auction was about to start. "Hey"... what happened to dinner???
The bull BF wanted was the fourth one to be auctioned, so we loaded up and headed home. Dinner was a quick stop at a truck stop. With an excited bull in the trailer, we needed to get back on the road...quickly.
We got home around 1 am. It would have taken another 1 1/2 to 2 hours to drive to the farm to unload the bull and get back to the house. So the bull spent the night in the burbs of KC.
It's times like this that make you think of crime...trailers in the burbs sometimes indicate that the person may have equipment or something of value to steal. I went to sleep, smiling...just thinking of the surprise someone, some thief... just might have if they snooped around that unlocked trailer.


One Fly said...

Where at in the cornfield were you??

Out on the prairie said...

Fun story to enjoy.No Bull!

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, Bloomfield...had a town square and looked very typical farming community.

Steve, It was fun. Went thru an Amish community which I always find interesting.

Kittie Howard said...

That someone would have probably died a thousand deaths. Sounds like you had a fun trip . . . saw where you went thru an Amish community . . . the lifestyle really slows the blood pressure.

Sorry I haven't been by in a bit. This A-Z Challenge is just that. Oh, what was I thinking!

turquoisemoon said...

Gosh's been about a month since I've written. Dang, I haven't even had much time to even read some of my favorite blogs. I'd like to spend more time in/around an Amish community. I find their lifestyle oooh so interesting. I just can't imagine life without my electric dryer, curling iron, dishwasher, microwave, computer... :)

Ashling said...

I think you should refuse to attend any more auctions until you are given some sort of John Deere attire....a cap perhaps?

turquoisemoon said...