Thursday, January 19, 2012


I worked quite a bit before Christmas. Gave me extra $$'s for holiday shopping, but cut into my shopping time and I became lax in my morning meditations. My practice suffered!
I had just won that kayak at the company party, the night before, and was extremely excited/happy, and was daydreaming of warmer weather. I saw the lake, my future new hat. (to keep the sun off me) I dreamed of early mornings with my camera. Fish jumping, birds flying...I was at the lake...Till I heard that loud sound! Saw those flashing lights! Came back to the NOW!!!
When did police officers become children? Ooh gosh, he was a least he looked like a teen to me. "Do you know why I stopped you?" I told him that I did... I thought I must have been speeding, but that wasn't it. At the last intersection there was a 4 way stop. I didn't come to a dead stop! I came to a rolling stop...
Handing him my license and insurance card, I figured I'd get by with a warning, but nope!!! When he came back to my car, he asked if I knew that my license had expired.?! My birthday was the previous week and I had simply forgotten to get it renewed. So...instead of a warning, I got two tickets. Driving with an expired license and failing to stop.
I immediately went to get my license renewed. Do you know that there are no scales at the DMV??? One must guess their weight when applying = > Then proceeded to go to pay my fines. Nope, criminals, like me, must appear before the judge. Never mind the crowded court system...the ole lady must go before the judge. The criminal with a 6 day expired license must be carefully and dutifully reprimanded.
BF seems delighted. He called me twice before court. Once to see if I was representing myself or if I had lawyer-ed up. The second time, reminding me to take at least a dime in cash, so I could make my one phone call. He also asked if I thought he should run by the bank for cash, so he could make bail if need be... Now here's a guy that has gotten two tickets in his life...and both of them for going tooo slow.
So off to court and here's what I learned:

There is no appropriate courtroom attire...anything goes.
Ringing cell phones really piss off the judge.
If your last name starts with a letter toward then end of the alphabet, you're gonna be there a long time.
Almost everyone (except me) was innocent.
There's a lot of people driving with no insurance and no drivers license.
You cannot judge people by their appearance in court.
Where does everyone get pot???
If you see anyone you know, nod only. (Guilt by association)
Do not leave your documentation and/or money at home??? they forgot???
You're really in trouble if the judge has "seen you in here many times".
Crying babies get you sent outside the courtroom and you end up going last.
No drinks or food...cept for all the authorities of the court.
You can tell an attorney when you see one.

The end result is that my expired drivers license ticket was dropped and $125 for the rolling stop. I guess that included court costs...and they do accept credit cards :)
Anyway, I think I learned my lessons and there were many. Most of all...this was really all my fault. Again...stay in the now...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What an exciting day you had! I still like you even though you're a criminal now.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra...well, if you see me in court "simply nod". Yes, it was an adventure. :(

Arkansas Patti said...

This was told in such a funny way that I am not the least ashamed to be laughing at your situation.
Glad it is over for you but it was one heck of a post.

One Fly said...

You run a real clean place here TMoon so I won't go where I am really at with this stuff.

I'll just say I think you got treated like shit and I bet the bastard had his hand close to his gun when he approached the car too.

I do all I can to make sure there is no interaction between me and these damn zombies.

turquoisemoon said...

Patti, Well I can't say it was the funnest $125 I ever spent! I forgot to mention all the diversion programs offered, however, there was none offered for my particular crime. But I did learn a lot and just maybe it saved my life?! never know...

Fly, hahaha...he did have his hand near his gun when he approached the car!!! Prolly thought I was gonna whoop him with my mala that hangs off my mirror. Never trust us ole ladies. I do believe, that this is standard procedure tho...