Monday, November 7, 2011

Cutting at the Royal

American Royal time in Kansas City

This week is the cutting horse competition.
It all starts tomorrow...
Trainers and riders will start bringing in their horses.
BF will not be competing this year. He's been in charge of the cattle, for the show, since it started...oooh about 6 years ago.
Tomorrow he will set up the pens and water tanks. He'll bring in all the hay and about three loads of cattle will be delivered.
By the time the show is over, he'll run over 1000 head of cattle thru...a big job...

This is his horse, Cindy. She's a sweetheart and oooh gosh, does she smell good. But then again, I think horses smell wonderful... :)

This is a not very good picture of BF cutting. I've never tried this type of riding. I competed in mostly English events. He keeps saying that one day he's going to teach me to really ride...I bite my tongue...ha ha ha

This is grandson...isn't he cute??? He was a real cowboy then, not now, though...he's into superhero's.
So what do I do during this time???
I cleaned house, because several of BF's friends will be spending the week with us.
I made BBQ brisket, veggie soup and chocolate cake.
I bought loads of breakfast and snack food.
I feed them...that's my job!


Linda Starr said...

Last place we lived was a cowboy town and they were serious about their horses and their hats, oh and their food too. Ha.

Arkansas Patti said...

OMG, I love that baby grandson cowboy picture. That is precious.
I'm with you, I love the smell of horses, leather and even manure. Ahhh.

turquoisemoon said...

Linda, They leave early, early and don't get home till very late. Food is a real issue for them. Even here, in KC, finding places to eat, at that time, is a, they're tired.
Patti, Yes...even the smell of manure...

Manzanita said...

Woman's work is never done.

turquoisemoon said...

Hi Manz, Right!!! I'll be going to the AR to watch, now that this "woman's work" is done. It really is a great show. Friday night is when some of the best cutters in the nation will be competing. I hope to get some pictures, but my little camera isn't that good when the subjects are moving.