Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roadtrip in Colorado/Utah

This was a very different kind of trip for me.
Normally I go to one place and spend time camping, hiking, and taking lots of pictures.
This was BF's 3rd vacation and he wanted just a roadtrip...wanted to see as much of Colorado and some of Utah as we could squeeze into 6 days.
We drove straight to Manitou Springs the first day. We drove thru The Garden of the Gods on our way to the motel. My sister had told us that it was "quaint"...her word for old, no hot water, and morning coffee was in large pot outside the office. ha ha ha...! We hooked up with my brother, sister and spouses for dinner. We ate at a BBQ place called Rudy's. Very Good! Lots of laughter and teasing. The next morning, we all headed in our separate directions.
BF and I headed for Durango. I had my first taste of green chili there and was hoping the place was still there. Now we're talking about 30 years ago...but sure enough, it was!! OOoh was wonderful. This is the place and that was the green chili that was the start of my Mexican cookbook collection.
We drove over Wolf Creek pass and what a mess that turned out to be. Snow, snowplows, trucks/cars off the road, big trucks putting on chains, 3 mph, .....and, backed up traffic and no place to, well you know how it is after several cups of coffee.

On to Moab. WoW...was BF impressed with Canyonland and Arches. OOh me too!!!
We followed the Colorado River on our way to Grand Junction. BF's cousin lives there. His FAR RIGHT cousin. Ugh!!!! I had to control my mouth and that's no easy task. Here's an example...You know those co-exist bumper stickers??? We saw one as we were driving to her political fund raising event, and she announced that they (the bumper sticker) should not be allowed, because they were anti-Christian???? Now this gal is a retired schoolteacher??? Well anyway, I tried to be pleasant, as I corrected her. I swear I was nice...but, you should have seen BF's eyes, big as saucers...ha ha ha!!! As we left, even BF (the avid Fox News fella) said they were a little too radical, for even him.
Anyway, we were off to Aspen. Original plan was to go over Independence Pass, but snow was still in the forecast and after Wolf Creek, this flat lander flat chickened.

We headed for Steamboat Springs. BF has friends there. We visited and then the next morning we ate breakfast at Winona'!!! great cinnamon rolls!!! Then on the road again. This time down the Poudre River. I love this drive...

We headed for Estes Park... There's a candy store that has the very best pralines in the world, so with an attitude of "gee, we're so close, why not?" I drove like a mad woman to get there before they closed. Gosh...they were closed anyway...Probably the only store in EP that was closed. Sign in the door said they're closed on Sundays...What???!!! I drove for hours only to find out that they close on Sundays??? I stared at the darkened store for a few minutes before it finally sunk in. They were closed.
We headed up, into the park to look for elk.
Can anyone please explain to me what has happened to all the elk??? I can remember large herds everywhere, but they seem to be gone? We used to watch them come down for rut every year and what a show they'd put on. For the last couple of years I've seen only a few...I must/will find out what's going on.
Anyway, our vacation was a lot of fun, but it was also, very different for me. We had a great time and BF got to see lots...just like he wanted...he was happy...
I'm home and doing laundry and grocery shopping and now I'm getting ready to go the Tennessee tomorrow morning 4am. Never been east, so this is another adventure. I'll be spending the next 5 days with BF's X. We both love craft festivals and I guess there's a big one in Gatlinberg.
BF will spend some quality time with his blond girlfriend while I'm gone...Sophie, the Cairn Terror


NitWit1 said...

Having just returned from a long road trip, plus a convention, They can be fun and being younger may create more fun. Being our age it is less exciting, but this country is awe inspiring. I have lived overseas and have no desire to travel outside our bounderies with the current political threatening atsmospheres.

Of course that certain does not make me safe, but it is home.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, what a whirlwind trip -- a little bit of everything! How great that the green chili place was still there after 30 years. What are the odds? And good for you for speaking up to the Far Right Cousin. Maybe a few cobwebs in her head shifted in the gentle breeze, eh?

Teresa Evangeline said...

Wolf Creek Pass in a snowstorm, I remember it well, but did Independence in the summer, thankfully. It sounds like you packed a whole lot of fun in a few days.

re: the foxsters - Your tolerance level is much higher than mine.... :)

Have fun in Tennessee!

turquoisemoon said...

NitWit,This is a beautiful country. BF is a farmer and has never taken the time to travel, till the last 3 years. He's never been anywhere, so it's been fun for me to see his delight.
Debra,The Far Right Cousin also informed us that she just finished the conceal and carry class. Now that is very scary...she pointed her finger and said something, can't remember, but I really think she'd like to shoot someone, anyone. Her having a gun is Very Scary...
Teresa,We spent the night at their place. BF got to watch "home movies" till wee hours...I went to bed. I'm thinkin he was more tolerant than me...ha ha ha

Out on the prairie said...

Quite the trip indeed. I tend to rove a lot and enjoy it.The green chili sounds good,I make it from my garden.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, they use pork in their green chili. I've used the pork in mine, and I've also just made some without the's both good. Right now Whole Foods has roasted green chilies. All you have to do is skin and seed (how easy is that??) I buy lots and lots of them. I freeze them, then use them when needed...which is often!! ;)

Manzanita said...

Well, that was fun and now you're on the road again, or are you flying this time? You'll have a crafty time in Tennessee. :)
I'll tell you where the elk are.... right below my lower out-buildings. They come down from the mountains and rest there for several days.... probably during the first snow fall. Everyone wants to hunt my land but I turned it over to my son and he can do what he wants. Because I don't eat meat, I don't like them killed, but many people do still eat meat.
Your pictures are so clear and vivid. Good job.

Linda Myers said...

I'd love to take a road trip around Colorado. On my bucket list!

NitWit1 said...

Our road trip and tour was sorta like yours; some places planned for us and some "just happened." You seem to be enjoying this event as much as your past events.

turquoisemoon said...

Manz, I drove to Tn. I love driving, but got really tired this time.
Linda...DO IT!!!! You'll love it!!!
NitWit, It was very enjoyable and is was just fun to see BF's delight.

Linda Starr said...

The scenery is beautiful what a great trip you had. That snow in the high mountain passes is scary for sure.