Friday, March 4, 2011

Memories of Lent

Being a "Boomer", I can remember certain firsts. One that comes to mind, right now, was the first time they introduced Pizza Pie in grade school. OOOooooh what was that new smell coming from the school cafeteria??? Mom mostly fixed my lunches, so back then, eating lunch at the school cafeteria was considered a real, uptown treat for me.

The problem pie was the Friday lunch. I still remember the thick pizza pie dough, loaded with hamburger and topped with cheeses....mmmmm

But, being Catholic, I had to eat the fish. Back then, eating meat on Friday was considered a sin!!! humpf!!! I'll admit to sinning a few times in my youth... And, eating meat on Friday was probably the lesser of some of my sinning...ha ha ha!!!

Today, no meat is eaten on Friday's during the Lenten season.

Giving up something for Lent was always hard for me. But now, looking back, I can actually see the benefits. I became a Buddhist about two years ago, but Lenten memories still linger.

About six/seven years ago, I pondered what to give up for Lent. My local parish priest made a wonderful suggestion...give up what is unhealthy for you. Give up what hurts your soul, your heart, your life. Rather than give up chocolate, give up something that causes you pain. A wonderful priest, btw....

Anyway, I gave up the news.

No newspaper, no Internet news, no TV, no magazines, no radio news.

No news of any kind for 40 days.

It was wonderful!!!

Life goes on without all the upset. Gas prices went up...I had to buy gas anyway, but did so without all the commentary and stress. Murders happened, crimes committed, politicians did their thing, countries fought, movie stars divorced, basketball went on, weather happened.

It all happened, but without my stressing. It was 40 days of just living in the moment for me. Now some would say, that I was sticking my head in the sand and not involved with what was going on in the world...and you're right! For 40 days, I had peace.

I came out of that Lenten season with a whole new outlook on the world. I wanted to hear the news, but, just give me the info...I don't want to hear days and days of debate. I don't want to watch as the news media spreads fear. Take fear out of the news and life goes on. We move forward.

For 40 days, I lived without fear...

Can you imagine life without Charlie Sheen?

Can you imagine life without Linday Lohan?

Without stressing over the housing market? Job market? Raising prices? Gas prices? Gadhafi? Weather conditions in the east when you live in the mid-west?

The sinning of yet another religious/political leader?

Another, kind of new (2000) Lenten tradition is watching Chocolat. I tend to make a cake, brownies, cookies or anything with chocolate in it and sit down and watch this movie. Needless to say, while watching, I ponder sinning....

I might just mention that pizza was actually called pizza pie way back when I was a little girl...



Out on the prairie said...

My friends always thought tuna and noodles was a sin, only because it was a Friday dish.I still very rarely fix it.We always ate pizza on Fridays anyhow, late at night when I was in high school.School lunch was a treat, I carried or went home clear through middle school, the 25 cents was too expensive.Working for the schools, I tried to stay away from them.

Manzanita said...

Hey There,
The song Amore says, "When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore ..... and so on. Obviously no one puts the word "pie" onto pizza anymore. You know something, I go along in my own mushroom cave and never notice things...... didn't even notice the world had dropped the word "pie." Thanks for bringing that to light. No wonder the world looks at me funny when I speak. Ha.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I love this post, Lynn. Many memories conjured up here. I never gave up anything for Lent, it wasn't part of our religious tradition, but I sure do like your celebration of it. Chocolate and "Chocolat." I like that. May have to try it myself.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, Mom almost always made my lunch, except on Fridays. Guess she felt that fish sticks were better/healthier than cheese sandwiches. Also, I went to junior high, there were no middle schools back then...ha ha ha :)
Manzanita, You are too funny!!! I also tend to call subways, hoagies...I get the look too!!!
Teresa, I'll bet I gained 5 to 10 pounds after that movie first came out. I went from the theater straight to the store...for chocolate!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I remember when it was called "pizza pie" too -- and how, when it first came out, people were unsure how to pronounce "pizza." Seems funny now, but everything was new to us once!

Yes, a "media fast" can be good for the soul -- it makes your own life and family life take centre stage. So much of what we get from the news now (in a 24/7 news channel world) is either just fear mongering or stupid blah-blah-blah.

Arkansas Patti said...

Media fast would be such a relief. I have a friend who doesn't own a TV by choice. She is almost wrinkle free but I do have to call her when the tornadoes are coming.
If it weren't that I wouldn't know how to vote, I'd do it.
Being Sheenless would be wonderful.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, Good name for it, "Media fast". And yes, the focus of your life does change. It was really good.
Patti, There are weather radios that have storm alerts. And I don't think, can't remember, but really don't think any elections were going on when I did this. To me, that might just be a reason to do it again...ha ha ha...!!!

Tracy said...

Hey Lady...I do remember when it was called pizza pie and I thought my sister was weird for not liking pizza...ummm...
I haven't thought of what to give up for Lent, so perhaps the news is a good thing to relinquish? I really don't have any bad vices so that might be a keeper..keep me posted on yours :)

One Fly said...

The lent thing was pure torture for me. Food side of it was no biggie cuz I like fish. Having some tonight.

Fun read.

Steve Finnell said...

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Murr Brewster said...

When I see that poster, I ponder sinning also, but it's not the chocolate. Mmm. Tasty.
Pizza pie, yes, that was what we called it. Also we called Catholics "mackerel-snappers." I haven't heard that one in a while.

turquoisemoon said...

Fly, I like fish too, but didn't when I was a kid in school. I wanted pizza pie.
Steve, Thank you
Murr, Oooh I hadn't heard that in a long, long time. Too funny!!!

turquoisemoon said...

Tracy...did you ever figure out what to give up? Keep us posted.

One Fly said...

how about minnow munchers