Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beware of The Eyes

When I was growing up, scary movies were really scary!!!

We lived in a safe world. We walked to school or rode our bikes. I can even remember walking to town with friends and it was a pretty far distance for a bunch of little kids. We never locked our doors. We trick or treated with a group of young ones, with no adult supervision. And, we ate all the candy. Nobody went thru our bags looking for poisoned pieces or razor blades. Most TV movies were musicals. Ooh maybe I'm wrong about that...there were lots of westerns (but the cowboys sang, rode white or palomino horses and for sure wore a white hat) The Indians were almost always bad! And, there was that ominous drumming whenever they appeared on the screen. War movies were biggies too. Needless to say, our guys were always the winners and for sure the good guys.

I remember starting to see some very scary movies...King Kong was just horrifying! Gosh, The Wizard of OZ was even pretty darn spooky with that tornado and wicked witch and all.

We were pretty naive to scary movies, I guess pretty naive about the world in general, but scary movies really scared us. We weren't numbed to these frightening movies like today's children. My granddaughter laughs at horror fear at all.

Friday nights were the best for watching a scary movie. We'd fix pop corn (on the stove, in a pan and smothered with real butter) or mom bought potato chips and dip...I remember my first taste of dip like it was yesterday. Actually, it was on a Saturday night, watching the Million Dollar Movie was when I first tasted was called French!!!

When the Children of the Damned came out, it scared me to death!!! But it also gave me an idea to torture my younger sister.Just seeing these pictures sent her running, crying and screaming in terror!

She was such a little weenie and spoiled rotten. We shared a room, she never had to pick up her side or clean...AND...was always getting into my stuff!!!

An idea was born....

I cut out every picture of people (children if possible). I went thru newspapers and magazines with a new found gusto.

Then, I got a pencil with eraser and proceeded to lick the eraser.

This licked eraser could then be used to whiten out all the eyes. Wow...these pictures were now very, very, very scary. They were then hidden in and around in my stuff. Each drawer, my jewelry box, my junk (toy) drawer, all around my bed and stuffed animals. I may have hidden a few under her dinner plate and even in some of her drawers...but, my memory fails...ha ha ha! She was absolutely terrified! Lots of screaming, much to my delight!

Friday nights, I got to pick the TV program. I always picked Friday Fright Night, hosted by Gregory Graves, pictured below.

It was the scariest!

Just seeing his awful face sent my sister running off to our room...screaming! She was forced to play with her babies in the bedroom, while I, being much more grown up got to watch Friday Fright night without her bothering me. I'm thinking that mom and dad allowed this to go on so that they too could enjoy a movie without being bugged by the little pest.

I remember that scary movies were really scary. The next scary program that I remember was in 1959, The Twilight Zone. I was 12 and really had to put my big girl panties on to watch this program...

The very scariest was Nightmare at 20000 Feet

I think this would scare me to this day....


Teresa Evangeline said...

Two words: "Outer Limits."
The original, of course.

Manzanita said...

I think we lived in the same town but that's where it ends. I never did see scary movies..... can't remember if I wasn't allowed or it didn't by choice. Now I wish I had seen some so I'd know what you're talking about. The Texas Chain Saw thing was on TV once and I started watching it but I had to turn it off. Too scary for me!!!!
Love and peace,

turquoisemoon said...

Teresa...oooooh yeah! Very scary!
Manzanita, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was not just a scary movie. I never saw it either! I didn't like slasher movies, just scary ones. The Blob and things like that...
And of course-The originals!!!

Tracy said...

Oh, you are too funny! I can laugh because I use to watch scarey movies with my brother; The Birds, The Giant Spider, the Zombies...and Yes, they were scary!
We never locked our doors and my mom still doesn't lock her's a shame!

turquoisemoon said...

My sister & I laugh and laugh about it now. It's a fun memory. You're so right,times are so different now. Must lock doors and certainly don't let my granddaughter walk anywhere. It is a shame...

Arkansas Patti said...

I used to love scary movies and begged to go see them, even though I would be afraid to go to my room at night long after. Such a little masochist I was. I don't even think of watching one today.
Clever way to keep your sister out of your stuff.

Out on the prairie said...

I loved Friday nights for the fright of my life, and watch them now and giggle how they grabbed me.I would love to have those movies back and some of the new ones, I would stay up for them.

clairz said...

Wonderful memories, so evocative. Love the parts about you as big sister. Believe it or not, the music in the movie Bambi scared me when I was a little kid. Violin music made me cry from that day forward (and I eventually married a violinist, but that's another story).

Great post.