Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Date Night

As many of you know, I'm a city girl and BF is country and that we are complete opposites.
We tend to laugh and learn from our opposite views on life.
Last night, he called around supper time and wanted to know if I wanted to run down to the farm and see a new born lamb..."We'll call it a date night."
Needless to say, Sophie and I hopped in the car and were on our way.
It was icy cold in the barn. He had separated the mama from the other sheep. A bed of fresh hay was scattered on the barn floor and hay bales were stacked to block the wind. A light was placed near for added warmth.
She wasn't ready to milk, so off he went to get something to feed this newborn.
He gently picked the baby up, tucked her in his coat and began feeding her. Is this not beautiful??? Mama was watching very closely... He had about 20 cows in the barn too...they're all getting ready to have their babies.
They also watched. They took turns coming up close to the fencing to see this new life.
Amazing to see how interested they were...
Sophie didn't make a single sound as she watched thru the fence on the other side. She stayed there the entire time, completely fascinated.
After getting some food in her tummy, she was ready to stand up and try nursing on her own.

Mama looks proud of her baby, doesn't she???

Awwwww, isn't she the cutest???
After we were assured that she could nurse on her own, we headed home. BF offered dinner at Subway, he'd buy, if I'd fly.
Sandwiches, chips and drinks on TV trays, watching Fox news (ugh!!!)
This sure beats the bar scene, doesn't it???
Date Night!!!


Teresa Evangeline said...

I always loved lambing time when my grandfather raised sheep, especially the black ones... :) The feel of their wool around my fingers was so nice. I'm envious. Fox News? Not so much. LOL. You're more tolerant than I am.

P.S.He's cute. The sheep and BF. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

How cute!

Arkansas Patti said...

How adorable and the lamb is cute too. Think we had mentioned about being born in winter. Yuck. He really watches Fox? Oh well, no one is perfect.

Out on the prairie said...

Very gentle share, a lovely moment to be part of.

Linda Starr said...

Oh how sweet and the little black rings around the eyes, what a great date, and Fox isn't all that bad, we need the other point of view in so many instances, but I won't get into those here.

Linda Myers said...

So cool, new life in a barn!

Manzanita said...

Hey girl,
That cute little lambie pie with the black mascara circles around her eyes. I used to raise angora goats. hated it when they were born in the winter or cold and I had to put them under the heat lamps. Sounds like a great date to me..... been there..... done with the honky tonks. I watch fox news too. Have it on just about all day. I love Sarah Palen. If I didn't like her, I wouldn't like myself because she has the same values for her family that I have for mine.