Friday, December 3, 2010

Different Personalities

At one point, I had three dogs. I considered them brother and sisters and my family.
Sassy was the sweetest dog one could ever ask for. She was no hunter, she was a lover. We took her hunting one time, but she wouldn't leave my side. She was a gentle dog and full of love for everyone, including her brother and sister. She knew when someone hurt and would lay her head on their lap. Those brown eyes could and would look deep into your soul. She would obey a command and then watch you carefully to see if you were happy or maybe she was waiting for the next one...She wanted to please. She was about eighty pounds, but look how "little" she could get. I think she got little so her brother and sister would play with her...she did this often. Sophie wouldn't play with her, Sophie really doesn't think that she's a dog. And LD?...does he look like he'd like to play? I'm the only one that would play with her. She loved walks and fetching balls...we'd play for hours. Just telling her she was a good girl made her happy.
That tail would wag and you could almost see a grin.
Sophie is the one in the middle and I've written about her numerous times. She's the princess. She is full of herself, happy with herself, and not loyal. She really doesn't think she should have to obey any commands...and if she's after a squirrel, she becomes deaf, simply doesn't hear. She loves going to the farm. She doesn't bark at the cows out loud (daddy has forbid that) but she "mouths" a bark. At the dog park, she won't play with the other doggies. She finds someone sitting on a bench, jumps up beside them, then won't let any dogs near. She loves children. Grandson, when he was two, picked her up by her tummy hair. She cried, but never, ever, even thought about biting or even growling. She really doesn't consider herself a dog and as you can see from this pic, it's all about her! She is so funny and so smart...I'm always amazed by her antics. She can be a lover, but usually it's because she wants something, like a t r e a t. A drama queen and stubborn. BF dotes on her. She's the blond girlfriend he always wanted...ugh...

Now look at that picture and tell me if you can figure out LD's personality???
LD (short for El Diablo...The Devil)
OK...he was obese!
He was an 18 pound chihuahua and we tried everything to help him lose weight. I even put him on a green bean diet. One vet finally proclaimed him "big boned"...ha ha ha ho ho!!!
LD was just bad...he would simply wake up pissed!
He didn't tolerate anyone, including his sisters. I inherited him and knew that no one would ever adopt him, so I was stuck. In his youth, he was a regular pit-chihuahua and the best guard dog anyone could ever have. He heard everything... and, everything pissed him off...!!!
He mellowed with age and I ended up loving him dearly...
He was his mommy's boy...and gosh, everyone wants to feel special to someone!
OOh and btw, his nickname was Handsome Dude..ha ha ha
They all have their own place in my heart and they all have added a richness of my life.


Arkansas Patti said...

What a delightful group and your love for them shows through. Sassy looks so much like my Boots who was the momma dog to all strays I brought into my shelter. Seems we both had a big hearted dog.
Love that Sophie had an whisper bark for the cows and of course your pit chihuahua is so typical. You have to own one to appreciate them. No better watch dog.

Tracy said...

awww,they ALL are lovely and isn't it funny how every creature has their own distinct personality?
the fun is learning each one and loving them; sometimes in spite of!

Linda Starr said...

What a wonderful family and I loved hearing the description of each personality, loving them in spite of their faults, so easy to do for animals, not so easy for humans, a lesson for me there, thanks.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't an "El Diablo" ALWAYS the flip side of a "Handsome Dude"? Hahahaha!

Kittie Howard said...

Awwww, no wonder you melt, Lynn. Your babies are adorable. Love how Sophie mouths a bark. How did Dad teach her that? Amazing!

MyShilohRanch said...

HA! Debra, you got that SO right! Dogs are such dear companion animals and always such characters. Lynn, thank you for sharing your dear ones with us. This picture definitely tells their story! Animal family dynamics always crack me up! And, Linda, I agree, humans with the same traits are not usually so endearing to us! Lessons indeed! Thanks again, Lynn. xoxoxo