Monday, November 29, 2010


The terror of tornadoes, witches, tin men, scarecrows, lions, tigers and bears...oooh my!!!

A brave little girl, with her brave little dog, facing all those threats, together.

Growing up in Kansas, in the late 1940's...this was really, really scary. We didn't have Jasons, Halloween I, II, etc. There were no Chuckies, no Chainsaw Massacres, no Aliens, no Zombies.

We were not numb to scary movies...we were scared, or at least I was.

So, from the moment I saw Toto, I was in love. I wanted a brave little dog to be with me, to face the scary world.Life goes on and the dogs that seemed to fit our family were hunting dogs. The loving, loyal and friendly Lab made it's way into my heart. On one of our trips to Colorado, we were there for the Scottish Festival in Estes Park. The bagpipe bands played and marched by. Clans marched by. Then came the Dogs of the British Isle...and there they were, the Cairn Toto! My heart leaped as I watched these brave little dogs parade by. We went to the festival at the fair grounds , and I headed straight to the dog section. No time for beer, or even a glance at the men in kilts...I talked with every owner and loved on every Toto I could find.

After that vacation, I started researching the breed and somehow I completely overlooked the part about them being very independent. How they'll sit in your lap for awhile, then off for an adventure. I also missed the part about being very, very stubborn.... I focused on great with kids.

I focused on friendly.

I focused on intelligent.

I focused on how cute they were.

I focused on Toto, from the Wizard of Oz!!!

I already had two dogs, my Lab, Sassy, and Chihuahua, LD.

After my husband died, I faced my own fear, my own tornado...I was alone with two dogs, so hey??? what's one more??? How bout a dog that doesn't fear witches and tornadoes?

Well, I found my Sophie...the blond terror!

She is absolutely too cute, too funny, super smart, great with the grandchildren...but, she is the most stubborn dog I've ever seen in my life...and, a drama queen.

I proudly took her to puppy training at Petsmart...needless to say, she was the first in her class to do anything. She sat, laid down, did "come, heel, stay"..... I became a little arrogant as the other puppies struggled.

Then came graduation night..ooh gosh was I excited! I simply knew that she'd be tops in her class.

NO WAY....

She refused to do anything, she sat there looking like I beat her every night... She hung her head ever so sadly as I gave her the commands and...when I went near her, I swear, she cowered...This was my pride and joy...she cowered!!!! I've never hit her, never even yelled...I adored her and she cowered!!! OOh yes, I got the "look" from the other owners.

She was allowed to graduate anyway! I got my picture and have it on the frig for all to see. I have to laugh every time I see this picture and I remember her puppy years.

Saturday was her 10th birthday and I bought her doggie ice cream. Thought about our ten years together. Thought about how much I love her and how much joy she has brought me. She is sooo smart...the smartest dog I've ever had.

Loyal??? well she dropped me for BF. She only loves him now, but that's another story.

She sleeps with me, we snuggle and oooh my, she just feels good to pet. Very Soothing...

Anyway, so far no tornadoes, no witches, lions, tigers, bears and for sure, No Squirrels. I really, really love her!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie, ye wee stubborn lassie!

Tracy said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Sophie!

What a fantastically funny story. We took our Golden, Hurricane to Petsmart for class so I know the routine and I can imagine how mortified you were when Sophie's meltdown occured. I can't help but laugh and I'm sure you can laugh as!


turquoisemoon said...

Debra, I'll give the wee stubborn lassie a smooch. LOL...
Tracy, How did your Hurricane do at the training class? That class was so much fun. She's gotten really good at "the cower" in fact that's her only trick. Don't they bring us great joy???

MyShilohRanch said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie ... a smooch from me too! I cannot imagine life without dogs. They are such wonderful companions. And yes, they do bring us much joy. :D

turquoisemoon said...

Susan, I'll give her that smooch! I cannot imagine live without dogs either. They are the very bestest of companions!!!

Kittie Howard said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie! I love your graduation pic; you look so sweet and cuddly I'd love to swoop you up and give you a big smooch cause I bet you're even more gorgeous now!

Your lovely post brought a bright smile, Lynn. (I try not to remember that Chena dumped me for hub, humph! Hub doesn't know what a litter box looks like, humph!)

turquoisemoon said...

I know, I know...I buy her treats, vet trips, buy her toys, take her to the dog park, take her bye bye and she dumped me for him??? Don't get it...double humpf!

Out on the prairie said...

Welcome to the world of terriers. I raised boxers and showed them. One female I had would just stop if she wasn't in the mood and I took her through school with my arm in a cast.She was named Sunny Meadows and a charm in later years.My kids had me get a small morkie to have someone to talk to, I was past pets I had said for years, liking the freedom when I travel. This one goes everywhere.Like going through your stories, I back packed from Estes Park to Boulder.Mountains are always part of my vacations.The hunting story was good, I was a bird dog, which I discovered my purpose only in later years. I hunt with a camera now and have no schedule to follow.My parents were terrified of the tornados, my moms tiny hometown was wiped out in KS.Nice to have you stop in, please join me again.

turquoisemoon said...

Steve, Terriers are amazing. She's my first and I'm already checking out shelters for my next. I too only hunt with cameras now and my most favorite "hunt" is elk in RMNP during rut. Coffee, binaculars and camera is the only ammo I use..ha ha ha!!! My grandparent's home was leveled by a tornado and this was back in the day when there was no insurance, no FEMA, etc. They lived in a garage till the house could be rebuilt...all 8 of them...