Friday, November 26, 2010

Thirty Years Ago

Yesterday, we spent some time laughing about Thanksgiving with dad. It was healing...
One of my boys brought up a story that I had forgotten.
The day after Thanksgiving, we used to go hunting. We'd pack up leftovers, load the car and we'd head out. The day was always cold and the sky was always overcast/ just plain gray. Snow was normally in the forecast.
My boys were young, but had passed the hunting clinic tests and had worked fields with an unloaded shotgun for at least one season. My husband believed that book-learnin could only go so far, so both boys had to go one season with unloaded guns...
We had two bird dogs, Yankee and Chain. Now these dogs were not pets...they were hunting dogs.
Our hunting days started at the crack of dawn...I mean we were stepping out of the suburban at the crack of dawn. Normal weather condition was cold and miserable, so we were weighted down with clothes, shotguns, gloves, boots and still cold.
We left the truck and headed out. The dogs were excited and jumping around, but soon got down to business.
Coffee and hot chocolate and leftover pie is what we ate that early in the morning.
We had just finished working our first field, and heading back to the truck, when "hot chocolate/coffee kicked in" for one of my boys.
He rushed ahead so he could find a spot. Now it's cold and coveralls had to come completely off...the wind was blowing...just plain miserable.
Both dogs, still hap, hap, happy ran with him.
By the time we got there...It was over!
The dogs had rolled, wiggled, maybe even stood on their heads in it and had it all over them...eeeeww!!!!!
What to do???? We were out in western Kansas, hours and hours from home, and it's just the first day of a fun filled weekend???
We changed fields a few more times...remember, we were in a suburban, not a truck, so we slowly changed fields, with the dogs loping behind us.
Too cold for baths....we headed home after just a few fields.
It was a long, cold drive home...the windows were down and smelly dogs in the back.
I'm a Buddhist now...and now, the word "karma" comes to mind.
I'm thinkin that...that had to be some kind of instant karma.
Yesterday, we laughed and laughed about the incident. Listening to the boys describe how the dogs must have been delighted in finding such a wonderful smell to roll in, describe the words that spew from my husband's mouth, describe how cold it was...
I enjoyed listening to their memories of "dad"...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You can't just buy memories like those! Ewwwwww! and Hahahahaha!

Teresa Evangeline said...

How wonderful, Lynn, that you had this time to remember and laugh about such fun, in retrospect, stories. I can imagine your boys appreciated it as much as you did. It's good to remember.... it sounds like you arrived at a good place (I had to retype, as I said 'god place'). Same thing. :)

Tracy said...

I bet that was such a precious time to spend together reminsicing together. I'm glad you were able to build great memories.

turquoisemoon said...

Debra, it was toooo funny!!! and...awful!
Teresa, I hope so. We do have tons of fun memories. Thanks for caring...
Tracy, we laughed sooo hard. I love it when the boys mimic their dad's actions and words.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aren't the best memories and the most remembered, those that go awry? Very funny now, pretty sure not so much then.
Sounds like you all had a marvelous time.

MyShilohRanch said...

You described this so well, Lynn, I could all but smell it .... dang good thing! Can't even imagine the event ... but the memories are priceless. These are the markers of healing for all. Oh yes, my friend, remember with joy ... with your boys ... even better! Good stuff here! Much love :D