Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Brother

The handsome dude on the end, wearing the rain poncho is my brother. I took this pic on our last Brother and Sister's Colorado Elk Watch and Hiking Vacation.
Seven years ago, he was a happy trucker and family man. He lived north of the river, on the Missouri side and my sister and I live on the Kansas side.
My brother was an extremely safe driver and very proud of his record. One night, on his way home, he wrecked his car...this seemed very strange to my sister and me.
Later, we were told that my brother had a brain tumor, the size of a lemon, and had a seizure. The seizure had been the reason for his accident. Well at that point, no more truck driving.
Anyway, surgery was scheduled and the tumor was benign...whew!!!
Another surgery was required and they used the gamma knife.
Staff infection then complicated everything and they had to go back in for a third time. He continued to have seizures, so that really was the end of his trucking career.
Up until then, we three siblings, loved each other, but family stuff and location seemed to keep us apart for most of the time. We had started to drift apart...but when this happened, we all reconnected. My brother and his family even moved to be nearer to family. The realization of how fragile life was really set in. From that point on, we have remained extremely close. The three of us have gone on several hiking, elk watching vacations. Lots of laughter, and yes, my brother seems to revert back to a mean little brother, maybe twelveish, and makes us girls scratch on the cabin screens and growl like bears before he'll let us back in. Doesn't seem to be the least bit concerned, even if it's a restroom emergency. In fact, if he even thinks it may be an emergency, we have to growl with even more realism, in order to get in. His situation seems to have created many miracles. He was there when his daughter really needed him and not on the road. He was there when mom was moved to a nursing home, and there when she passed. Sometimes, the most awful of situations, bring on the most wonderful of miracles...if we simply look for them.
So why do I bring this up now? A tumor had grown back again. His surgery was Tuesday morning. Five hours of surgery... The results of the biopsy are not back yet, but the surgeon indicated that it looked quite normal.
We all had gone out for dinner Monday night. Lots of laughter, lots of joking around and quiet prayers. Prior to the surgery, we held hands and prayed again. We waited and prayed.
He still won't be going back out on the road as a trucker, but maybe that's a miracle in itself...we'll never know.
My brother got to go home from the hospital today. Can you believe that??? This was an extremely difficult, five hour brain surgery and he's home and sending text messages to my sister and me. He's demanding that we mow his yard, bring over treats, go with us to the movies, take him places and has mentioned that he'd kindof like to go to Colorado with BF and me...Can you believe this? He wants a Backyard Burger and since he was in the hospital for only such a short amount of time, he'd like me to bring the flowers I was planning to take to the hospital directly to his house...Am I happy or What???
You bet I'd mow his lawn, you bet I'm making brownies to take over, you bet we're taking him here and there with us, and you bet he's welcome to go to Colorado with BF and me.
This has been one of the greatest miracles I've seen in a very long time.
I'm so grateful... and I feel so blessed.
So, if I don't write much, in the coming weeks...just figure my brother is wanting something and my sister and I are catering to his every whim...happily!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Best wishes to your brother! He sounds like a great guy.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I can't adequately express how very happy I am for you, for your brother, for your family. I am a firm believer in prayer and it's amazing ability to help us unite in our expectation of Good. What a wonderful outcome. Have fun spending time together and reveling in Life!

My Grama's Soul said...

Wow...what a story...who a loving family you have. You are one lucky lady.



Kristy said...

Wow. How utterly beautiful. While I was reading this, I found myself wandering off in fantasy, actually wishing for our own lemon-sized benign tumor to bring together our fragmented family. Without the parents, it seemed the glue let go, releasing all of us to our own separate lives. I love it that you recognize all of this as the blessing that it is, and continue to make the most of every precious minute. My love to your entire family, and my prayers that the tumor will finally just pack up and leave your brother for good.

Arkansas Patti said...

Such a beautiful story that came from what most would call tragedy. You have a remarkable family and definitely a remarkable brother. Keep enjoying each other as you do and treasure each moment.

Kittie Howard said...

Wow! This is such a wonderful and inspiring of life when it is most beautiful. Your family is also beautiful. Enjoy this time together. (And you get to practice growling like a bear, yay!)

MyShilohRanch said...

Don't you just love that we never REALLY grow all the way up??!! You are right, your brother is a walking miracle! If only we could ALL live our lives in such a way! We take so much for granted, don't we? Savor every special moment ... I know you are. Life is SO cool, when you make time for it!!! ;)

MyShilohRanch said...

PS: I am SO jealous of your brother's camera and lense!!!! WOW!!!! He can capture just about anything he shoots at, can't he? GOOD for him!!! I dream of such things *sigh*

turquoisemoon said...

P.S. Today is October 6th and my brother's first day back to work. Can you believe it???