Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second Sunday In June-1932

Second Sunday in June is our family reunion.
We've been doing this for over a hundred years.
And...we always take a picture just like the one below. I'm thinking that this is one of the earliest pictures of our reunion.
My grandfather, Noah (also called Popeye by all the grand kids) is the second from the left on the top row. To me, he looks the typical Irish.
Grandma is in the row above all the children. She's got my two aunts sitting on her lap and is the eight from the left. The kids are kind of grouped up, but mom's the third girl from the left on the second row. She was nine when this picture was taken. I can remember dad warning me to eat only mom's food. He was leery of some of the relatives cooking. Mom usually made spaghetti, a salad, a fruit bowl and a cake. Mom told me that we were supposed to bring enough food for our family, plus one. Mom's rule, not a reunion rule. I can remember one of my aunt's by marriage brought a small bowl of tuna fish salad...I had run out to their car to help bring in the food and was surprised when that's all she had brought. It wasn't for lack of money, she was just like that. I also remember jars of ice water...very cold. Twins run in our family, so it's kind of fun to watch the names change with the generations. For example, pictured above is Elmer and Delmer. ha ha ha
Some of the first reunions were held at my great-grandfather's farm. These were fun! Then we went to some church out in the country. That wasn't fun for us kids. It was moved to Lake Lotawana in Missouri. We took our swimming suits and got to play in the lake. We stayed there a couple of years, but then one of the kids almost drowned, so it was moved again. For about the last 30 years or so, it's been at a small park near Fort Osage. No playground, no indoor plumbing (outhouse...ugh!) I guess they want to keep us safe. I still blame that second cousin that almost drowned for our current location.
Second Sunday in June was picked because of all the birthday's. Back in the days before cars, it would take them a day or two of just riding in a buggy to get to the celebrations. They just decided to call it a reunion and celebrate all the birthdays at one time.
We always line up for pictures. I have some from when I was a little girl, but looking at momma when she was young makes me smile. It's fun to look at how the styles have changed and also the cars. When I was real little, most had old Ford pickups and most were either black or blue. I can remember when my dad bought a new "hot" Mercury. It was turquoise and white... He wore his hair slicked back and sleeves rolled up. ha ha ha...
One last thing...seems like there's always a tornado or storm on the second Sunday in June. I can remember getting home and going straight to the basement. Momma always made extra food for when we got home and we'd take it downstairs to eat. Remember...no fast food back in those days. Momma cooked every single meal and we all sat at the table and ate, except when we were in the basement....


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a rich multigenerational family tradition! Have fun next weekend!

mxtodis123 said...

Greetings from one old hippie to another. My family was so small, we never really had family reunions. Everyone has since passed, and today I am pretty much alone aside from my new family and some distant relatives I have found via genealogy. That's a reunion I would love to have.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a lovely group. I envy you those reunions. We were a small family that traveled so much that we never grew up around family.
I remember attending a friends reunion and loved all the faces that belonged.

turquoisemoon said...

There are so many memories and yes, I'm lucky. I was just thinking that mom used to wrap the warm dishes with newspaper, and one aunt would bring a cabbage salad that was wonderful, and I don't really care for cabbage.
Mary, It's really sad as the family members pass. Missed are conversations about their "good ole days".
Patti, It's a great tradition. Funny...I can remember when I was little, and how I hated to quit playing to take time for the pictures.

Teresa Evangeline said...

With my parents gone and most of their siblings, this tradition is gone, as well. I'm not sure how I feel about it... but, I can appreciate those opportunities to share family stories.

Stark Raving Zen said...

What fun! My father's side was supposed to have a reunion next week, but the organizer of the deal fell ill and it was post-poned until next summer. It would have been in South Dakota. Your post makes me anticipate seeing the whole gang again. :)