Friday, May 7, 2010

More Feng Shui

Per my Feng Shui book, it is considered auspicious to have curving or slow-moving water in front of your house.

Well...OK then!!!

Fall of last year I painted my house. I ended up having to remove all my shrubbery...ants and wood rot...dang it!! I vowed to never have mulch or bushes near my house what to do??? What do I put in place of all those bushes?
I bought a little feng shui book and now I'm trying to follow some of the principles. You know...yin yang stuff.
So far, I've removed a rearing horse and all my cactus plants from my bedroom. This is to help me sleep. For prosperity, I put a three legged frog near my front door and...that worked right off the git go!!! now I'm on a mission... If I'm going to work or decorate around my house, I might as well make sure it lets all those yin yang critters move around in a correct manner.
So anyway...railroad ties have been removed. Stone and brick now divide the tiers. A new wrought iron piece will be added to the landing area for safety. I sure don't want anybody falling or jumping. I will be adding a split wood fence about 3 feet from the house. I thought that that kind of fencing, with an old wagon wheel leaning against it would add to the effect I'm trying to create.
I will be adding quite a few new plants and you can be sure they'll all be perennials. I just want them to pop up next year. I'll finish off with lava rock and wine...
Aaaah...I just love being retired!!!


Charlene said...

Those 2 jars for a water fall look nice.

So annuals, which only last a year or two, is what you want, not perennials which last two years or more?

turquoisemoon said...'re right! I knew that!!! ha ha ha!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful fountain -- love those round water jugs!

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a great idea. Love those pots.

Kittie Howard said...

Love your water fountain. A three-legged frog! Gotta get one! I believe in Feng Shui. Did I mention we had beams across our bedroom ceiling in Hawaii? After my thrid trip to the hospital OR for fiberous cysts docs thought were more than that, I bought a Feng Shui book. Said to tie a red ribbon above me, on one of the beams. No more trips to the hospital!!

turquoisemoon said...

Thanks...the pots go with my southwest style. I love them and the water is slow moving, perfect Feng Shui.
Kittie, I am now a firm believer in Feng Shui. Right after I put up the 3 legged frog, I sold one of my art pieces &&& yesterday in the mail, I got a check for some jewelry I had on consignment. ...and, I'm so glad you tied the red ribbon on the beam and you were ok. That's just wonderful!!! hmmm...the book said that I shouldn't sleep in a bedroom above a garage. I wonder if there's something like the red ribbon or mirror that would fix that little situation. I'll have to research.

Stark Raving Zen said...

I love this! I totally 'get' Feng Shui. You can feel its effects immediately, when done correctly. What book have you read on it recently?