Saturday, April 3, 2010


What a fun day at Bass Pro! I used to work there, so I know lots of wonderful people who still do. My former boss was frying a turkey and giving out I ate some. Once inside, I sampled fudge and nuts. I guess you could say I ate my way thru the store.
I used to work in Camping, so headed there first for a look around and to buy some Lodge Gear Leather Gloves. They're great for cooking with cast iron skillets over an open fire. I do love food cooked in cast iron...yummmy but often kind of fattening. Then bought a container for water. These are birthday gifts for my daughter in law. They were on her "wish" list.
Then on to Footwear. I bought some comfy shoes by Clarks. I've started walking every evening and needed something lighter than hiking boots. I'll probably need some new hiking boots later this year, my old ones are pretty worn. I hate the thought of new hiking takes time to get them broke in.
Back downstairs to the Gift Department...and yes, I also worked in this department. I needed bird food and a couple of new feeders. And...sampled more fun stuff. I was hoping that they'd be sampling some Uncle Buck stuff, but they weren't...darn!!!!
Bass Pro was a pretty good place to work. I worked in Camping, Gifts and Customer Service. I learned quite a bit and met some great folks. I was very surprised to learn that the Girl Scouts aren't really into camping/hiking very much. The Boy Scouts were impressive...those guys knew their stuff. They were very informed about the things they needed. They came into the store prepared..aah yes, that is their motto isn't it???
I ended up quitting BP, and going to Whole!!! I went from one extreme to another. I always thought it might be fun to force some hard core BP and WF customers to spend an entire weekend in some kind of a lockdown...together. ha ha ha!!!


MyShilohRanch said...

Bass Pro ROCKS! My SIL and g'son and I love it!! A virtual Disneyland for cool outdoor stuff! My kids like camping out ... my SIL is a fisherman, my g'son is an archer and would like to go to a remote part of Alaska and hunt and live off of the land. Now, my daughter would be more into the Whole Foods thing. I totally dig the dichotomy! One of my sons and I like to shoot black powder and throw tomahawks and knives. I am a carnivore, but I could never hunt and kill anything, unless I HAD to! LOVE target shooting! The only problem with BASS PRO ... there is NOT one CLOSE to us!!! Closest one is about a 1 1/2 hour's drive from here! Shucks, if I worked there, they would own me, I would never get a paycheck! ;)

They call him James Ure said...

Oh I love camping and backpacking too. Food never tastes as good as it does up in the mountains or out in the wild in general.

The simplest bowl of oatmeal takes on a new meaning when you're out living simple and close to the land. It's out in the wilderness where I have had some of the most profound feelings of oneness and interdependency.

You really have to depend upon your fellow campers. Nature is such a wonderful teacher.

turquoisemoon said...

Oooh coffee in the morning!!! sooo good!