Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sister Rosa and Chimayo - Part 3

The trip to Chimayo was filled with lots of conversation. We hardly looked at the scenery. The tarot readings with Sister Rosa had left us with many questions and left me...batting my eyes! My cousin was excited and happy with her reading and trying to figure out different possibilities for property inheritance. I, on the other hand, kept trying to figure out how she knew so much about my situation. Wondering if this was simply a gimmick to profit from my loss, or a true vision.
As an astrology reader, I know that most people that come in for a reading are normally interested in one of three aspects of their life…money, love, health. I quickly look for transits and/or activity around these three areas in their chart. Other areas that will grab my attention would be something like a Moon in Capricorn, Mercury retrograde, and other various aspects that might be a source of discussion with the client. No gimmick here…simply aware of why most people come in for readings. Is this what Sister Rosa does? Ask a question in a room full of people about the death of someone close??? Hmmm…something to ponder, but, knowing the exact cause of death? lung cancer?
Chimayo is one of my favorite places. The area is beautiful and is filled with the mystic. El Santurario de Chimayo was built between 1814 & 1816. There are conflicting stories about how the chapel came to be built there. It is, however, a place of miracles. Discarded canes, crutches, braces, etc. hang from the walls in a prayer room. People come to from all over to be cured. The church is small and worn. Old retablos, santos and other holy artifacts are in the church. The pews beckon you to sit, to pray, to stay awhile. As you walk forward, toward the alter, you’ll notice an open doorway on the left. This is the prayer room…go thru this door and another door, to the right, becomes visible. This room is where the dirt is in the “pocito”. Said to replenish itself…yet it is common knowledge that the dirt is brought in from the surrounding area and is blessed by a priest. This dirt is what is said to heal.
I bought a beautiful cross at one of the shops by the chapel and while making my purchase the cashier told me that Father was getting ready to say mass and would probably bless it for me. I hustled toward the church. Entering the massive front doors, Father Casimiro Roca’s office was on the left. The door was open and as I stood at the entrance, Father Roca joyfully motioned for me to enter. What a wonderful, joyous priest this man is! He asked me where I was from. I told him the Kansas City area and oooh…how excited he got! He said, “oooh Kansas City. You can stand there, one foot Kansas and the other Missouri.” His eyes sparkled as he demonstrated putting a foot in each of the states while being in Kansas City. “You would like for me to bless this cross for you?” I nodded, smiling at this animated, “little priest” as he is called. Father began his blessings.
There was another in the room. I don’t know if she was a nun or layperson, but she was silently helping Father get ready for mass. She was busy getting things off the shelves and lining them up, organizing…
I thanked Father and left his office and placed a donation in the box as I exited thru the front of the church.

Now…look at the picture. My cousin and I were just in front of the courtyard cross, when a voice got my attention. “Hey..Kansas” …I stopped, was someone talking to me? I turned around and there was the woman who had been helping Father getting ready for mass. She said again, “Hey Kansas, I need to talk to you.” She came closer eventually getting into my space. Now very close… Her hand started picking at my sweater. She very quietly said, “I pick at your sweater as I pick the words I need to tell you. Your dead husband is with us as I speak”. By then, I was in tears. Where in the world did this come from? I’m simply blubbering…what in the world is going on? How can this be? I know I didn’t say anything to anybody and my cousin had been quietly with me the entire time.
She went on, “As you pick your nose, he sees you. You know this place called purgatory?” I nodded. She then added, “He needs your prayers.” “He needs your prayers”, she repeated, turned and headed back into the church.

How do I explain this? I have no idea how any of this happened. I get chills on my arms when I think about this experience to this very day. The words both these people used are not words that I’d use in my everyday conversations. Your dead husband...Pick your nose...those are certainly not descriptions I would use.
To this day, I have no answers. It’s just as mysterious today as the day it happened. I finally chalked it up to simply “New Mexico”.
I ended up calling my sister and had her schedule a mass for my husband. A few weeks later, the mass was said and many prayers were offered at Holy Name Catholic Church in Kansas City, Ks.
Later that summer, I went to confession (first time in 27 years) and in the fall, I started RCIA classes. After all that had happened, I wanted to become a Catholic again. After a couple of years of struggling with the same ole feelings that caused me to leave the church the first time, I again quit.
Once again, I started my searching...
This spiritual journey I seem to be on...


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my what a story! I have to come back and reread it again even though I just read it twice....Hard to imagine how you must of felt when this happened to you. I would of had chills too and much more.
These pictures are beautiful thanks for sharing

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly, everyone in New Mexico is psychic! How else to explain this? Very eerie. An interesting start to your spiritual journey!

Arkansas Patti said...

Amazing story. Hope your journey brings you peace.
The pictures of the church were beautiful. Such wonderful architecture.

Kittie Howard said...

I had to read your three posts again, take a break and think about things. It seems like the woman in the church somehow had a connection to Sister Rosa. Just too much of a Physical Connection. Having said that, how Sister Rosa knew what she knew blew me away. If she hadn't been specific about the type of cancer, I'd think she guessed because you looked pained or sad or something in your demeanor gave a clue. However, I believe that energy can be read and Sister Rosa was able to tune in to you...then, as a businesswoman, milked the rest. I can feel your energy when I read your blog. It's good, positive, peaceful energy from one who has felt pain but knows the joys of living life. Perhaps your spiritual journey is more one of accepting your inner power. Don't know, just feel. And I clicked AGAIN to Follow you. Hope it takes. Have been clicking to you from Jack's blog.

turquoisemoon said...

I'm thinkin that Sister Rosa guessed. Everyone my age knows someone who has recently died. The exact cause...well as a physhic, all she has to do is be close. The lady at Chimayo...now she freaked me out.

Stark Raving Zen said...

Oh no... Sister Rosa is definitely an intuitive channeler. I can feel her energy from your words. But unfortunately, being a channeler doesn't mean you're ethical or even "good". Some people have so few karmic blocks that their energy field is wide open, for anyone to access. That's you. This makes you vulnerable, because you are so "pure", you're like an open book. It's good that you feel your way through spirituality, because you have to depend on your intuition to know what's safe for you. I'd say you do an excellent job of trusting your intuition, and it's done you well.

The Catholic version of "purgatory"... Ugh. I don't know what to say. Spirits can choose to hang out awhile, sometimes to be sure their loved one is okay. But it's not because they're being punished, as Catholicism would have us believe. It's not because they are not "good enough" to progress. And it certainly doesn't take a fortune to "move them on". It takes understanding on their part, that their work is done here.

I don't want to sound like I have all the answers, I don't. I just feel all crumpled up inside when the Catholic church starts reaching its tendrils out to scare people.

Also, if the little priest is still the one who's at Chimayo, what a beautiful little soul indeed. Adorable and sweet. A good man.

Kittie Howard said...

Lyn, please stop by my blog as there's an award I'm delighted to give you.

A Traveling Knitter said...

I loved your story. I also am very fond of Chimayo. I have a whole bottle of Chilli spice I bought across from the chapel. I refer to it as my healing spice. I also have a smll silk bag of dirt from the chapel on my Buddha alter. I firmly believe sacred spaces are sacred no matter what spirtual journey you are on. Nothing soothes me more than to sit and meditate in a scared space

julie mitchell said...

Your story is fascinating...I'll be back to read more...thanks for sharing. enjoy