Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snowing in EP

Coffee...Fireplace...Afghan...Muffin...Fuzzy Slippers
Can't see the mountains this morning!
There's something about mornings and coffee...
It's raining in the KC area this morning, and it's wonderful. I'm off to go meditate on my deck. It's a covered, screened in deck and I love it. My boys said that I bought a deck with an attached house. ha ha ha...but, it's kind of true. But first, I've got to rescue the bird that's trapped inside it. I'll use a towel to flush it to the door, then right after my meditations, I've got to dry some clothes, eat some rice krispies, shower and get ready for work. Then it's out in this awful rain, and .... Isn't it funny how something that brings you joy can also bring you misery??? ...or maybe we should look at things differently. Try to always see the joy, the beauty, the mystery.... The rain isn't different, it's me and my mood, my rushing, my thoughts.... this is something to ponder!!!

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Vivian Helena said...

Oh, that photo gives me the chills, we had a wonderful rain here, near Yosemite Nat. Park, but today is in the 80's.. Stay warm.