Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Last Post of 2015

If you remember, the weather around Halloween was simply beautiful, so I started whining. We have a camper and never use it. BF simply doesn't like to go places...so to keep me happy, he hauled me to Branson and dropped me off for a week. 
I think he needed a week of quiet and to get away from me...
I was left with no transportation, but the campground has shuttle services to Silver Dollar City.  Yep...October/Craft Festival at Silver Dollar City.
This was the walk I took, in the mornings, to get to the shuttle.
Refreshing and simply beautiful. 
 The next three pics are of campers (not mine) but they had decorated for Halloween.
 We have a small 5th wheel...not fancy like these. Just big enough for the two of us.
 BF didn't stay.
I had some books, my knitting, a TV, internet service and some TV dinners and lots of snacks...OOoh and my camera...
This is the bus that took me to and from Silver Dollar City. 
It made trips back and forth several times a day, so I wasn't stranded.
 Have you been to Silver Dollar City???
I can't count the number of times I've been there. Back when the boys were young, we would go there every summer. We'd tent camp. Great times.
Lately I've taken my granddaughter. We'd go with my sister and her grandkids. The lesson here is that if there's enough kids, you don't have to go on the rides with them.
 SDC is a man-made (see the falls in the picture above) amusement park located in the hills of southern Missouri. 
Lots of rides, entertainment, crafts, and folks in period costumes. Kind of turn of the century times... 
When I first started going there~way back in the olden days (hahaha)~the crafts sold were handmade, now they're made in China. OOh well...I won't harp on that, this post.
 There are still demonstrations~this is at the Iron Shop. My fav is the candy shop...they give out free samples. 
During October, crafters come from all over. Also the past few years they've had cowboy artisans. So I had plenty to do/watch and photograph while I was there.
 As you can see by her hands, this lady was quite elderly, but she could still play a mean fiddle. She was in a booth and sold handcrafted fiddles...duh!!!
SDC goes all out when it comes to decorating. The theme, this year, was scarecrows and pumpkins...they were everywhere. Flowers too...both real and fake displays.
At Christmastime, it's only open in the evening. Hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights. I been here once, during that time, but probably won't do it again. Just too many people.  
 They also have old buildings. This old school, an old farm, church, homes from that period. Most of the stores have been made to look like this...really fun...oooh and the rides are modern, but made to look old too!!!
 They've got all the current rides...water and roller coasters, they just "look" turn of the century. The train is the only ride this ole gal will do, anymore...hahaha
I've always gone there with kids. We've done all the rides. This time, I went there to do some photography, enjoy some shows and music and crafts.
This time of year, the campground was quiet. The leaves were crunchy and the air was refreshing. I knitted (neck scarves) for friends and family and enjoyed the quiet.
Oooh and I meditated...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Always Looking for Free Stuff to Photo

Free in Kansas City

(Oooh and I'm still catching up with 2015)
 Of course there's nature, but I'm talking about looking for places and events to photograph.
The American Royal comes to KC in the fall..
 The Friday and Saturday events cost lots of money, but the competition during the week is free.
The Saddle-bred show comes to town with it's flashy horses, excitement, great entertainment and Free...
Below is William Shatner aka Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.
I didn't know it was him, till the placing of awards for this particular class. 

I spent two days photographing this show and completely free ( except stopping at the Rosedale BBQ for lunch on my way home)  Gotta plug this old BBQ place, not famous/not expensive, but fantastic!!! I've frequented this place since the late 60's.

The Cutting Hose Competition
I spent another two days photographing this show. I've been here so many times that I'm recognized as a "regular". This year, I was invited to sit with the judges. Wow...what an experience. The view is completely different from this pov.
Not too many people attend these during the week. Most go only for the Finale...normally held on a Friday or Saturday night and that costs...
This year, I thought I'd try to catch some races, both foot, bicycle and maybe cars. I've found that I love shooting action shots. 
Any other ideas???

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Arigato Becomes Maggie~Part Two

So...where were we????
Oooh! well I waited for several days and was finally approved.
Now for the trip to the Detroit area. I got up early on Dec. 9th and headed out. I drove to Fort Wayne, Indiana the first day. Dec. 10th I headed to the Detroit suburb to meet with the foster mom, sign adoption papers and finally get my new furbaby.
This was the welcoming sight when I arrived at the foster home.
After a quick visit, I was back on the road. That day, I drove to the east side of Indianapolis. Found a hotel that allowed dogs and spent my first night with the scared lil girl that was now my furbaby. The next day, I got up and drove home. Long trip!!!
Lucy and me, on the deck, trying to encourage Arigato to come outside with us. Well Lucy was actually checking the yard for squirrels and/or vicious rabbits.
Now remember, Arigato is 8 years old and never been outside or gone through doors or stairs or played in grass...so everything is very scary for her.

 Tiny timid steps...just to come outside to be with me. Just breaks my heart to see this lil baby so scared and yet still so trusting, but ~ she did it.
We changed her name to Maggie...doesn't she look like a Maggie???
Today is Jan. 2nd, 2016, and she's been here since Dec. 12th. She is trying so hard to be the perfect baby...she is almost completely housebroken, goes down the deck steps by herself, but still has to have me in sight and near at all times.
She finally ran, the other day...so funny. Lucy is a hunter and can run like the wind~Maggie runs like a doe. Her head is up and kind of prances rather than a hard run.
So...with lots of love, I welcome Maggie into my life and heart...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Arigato becomes Maggie

Hey...it's 2016 and I'm not caught up posting events in 2015!
This is a biggie and I must start at the beginning.
My Lucy is a beautiful Cairn Terror...oops! Terrier. She's rotten to the core and smart beyond belief. She's my spoiled furbaby and I love her to pieces. She is the model for several of my photographs that are for sale. I change them up (photoshop) so they'll just look like anyone's Cairn, so a customer will be urged to buy~and I do sell quite a few cause the person tells me that the photo looks just like the one they had/have...whatever.
I love the breed. I love the silly,smart, conniving, devious, sneaky, untrustworthy lil cuties...they're a challenge and I enjoy finally outsmarting someone, sometimes.
I'm also a transporter for CPCRN. That's Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. When called, I participate in transporting rescued dogs from all over. It normally takes a team to get one moved to it's new foster mom/dad. Or from foster to forever home.
Late last month we had a rescue from Colorado. The little dog was moved to the Topeka area and was so scared that she stayed there for a week. That transporter and I hooked up on a Friday night and the lil girl (Arigato~which means Thank you in Japanese) had to spend the night at my house and I was to get up the next morning and do my driving shift. It would take 10 drivers and two overnights to get her to a suburb of Detroit...that's where her foster mom and dad live.
This was the gentle dog we were transporting. She was eight years old and never been outside her pen. She was a breeder dog in a puppy mill. The sweater was purchased for her by the first intake person...this sweetness just won everybodies heart, including mine.
  Well I had to do my transport duties and send her on her way, but I got busy and put in my adoption papers for her. CPCRN required that they go to the foster for at least two weeks for vetting and evaluations. Adoptions can take quite a long time, but because I'm a transporter and it was getting near the Christmas holidays making forming a team to transport her back to me would be difficult and not to mention how the weather may take a turn for the worst, again making the formation of a team even more difficult~ I made things easy for them and told them that I'd simply go get her.
CPCRN required all sorts of info on me, bf, house, and other pets. I had to give four references, list my vet, and phone numbers of people that might help if I needed something. Trust me, each reference and my vet was interviewed.  I also had to tell them of what I planned to feed her, how would she be exercised, how I housebreak,  if my backyard was fenced and much more. I had two phone interviews, then another volunteer had to come by my house and check it out. She entered every room and also the back yard, basement and garage.
Here's the deal...they believe these babies have suffered enough and want to make every possible attempt to place them in thier forever home and that it be forever...
To Be Continued 

Friday, December 4, 2015


The thing that is keeping me occupied, since retirement, is photography.
...and here's where I'm at now.
 When I shoot, I have a certain vision in my minds eye...and when I pull the pic off the camera the result is often not my vision. It's just so very two dimensional. I like taking pics that either tells a story or carries a mooooood. I'm a curious person and want my pics to pique the viewer interest. Most feel satisfying, but some just don't. 
Take, for example, The Farley Mercantile. It's an interesting building and I can imagine it's history, but the buildings beside it were butt ugly. I got rid of the trash, the neighboring ugly building and gave it a moody background. Now, though not perfect, it has the feel I desired and was a great learning tool for me.
 This Buddha was just flat...I wanted it to "feel" mystical.
Shaded it to a golden color, softened the pic and added some tiny splatters. I think the splatters added a hint of light energy??? 
 This truck was beside an adobe building and splattered with bird poop. sigh...I spent hours spot healing the splatters. The sun had washed out the adobe wall to a white wall. The photo was uninteresting and was not what I really saw when I took the pic. Again I softened the truck and enhanced the adobe colors with the colors from the truck. Now I'm happy...this is what I wanted/saw when I put the camera to my face. This was simply a battle with the sun. It had gotten too high in the sky and washed out all my colors...except the poop...hahaha...just my luck.
 Standing by itself in the field, was this spent sunflower.  I thought it was beautiful. Weedy, droopy petals, faded, but it seemed to still have dignity. When the picture was processed...ugh!!! The stark white background made it look just dead...the dignity was gone. Summer Kansas skies are a grayish white and when processed, they are just white and very boring. Pics taken in this sun don't pop...they fade and any fading on this pic ruined the story~Aging with Dignity. I added a textured background (thanks to photoshop masking) and a border and waa laa...
 This old phone was really cool. It was wood brown and on brown wood...get it??? It was a practice piece for the train below.
Most of the time, I want what comes off the camera, but I'm not a purist...I'll do whatever is needed to please myself . I want that mood, I want that pop.  I can now finally challenge that summer cloudless whitish gray sky...or at least I'm learning...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Go Royals!!!

It's hard to stay calm during a Royals Game.
Go Kansas City Royals...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Can't Unsee This

I love photography and take my camera with me everywhere.
I constantly look for pics that are fun and/or beautiful, show places and activities.
Most of the time, I can crop or get rid of something in a pic and hopefully make it more appealing. This just ruined one of my pics. It was in the upper right hand corner and the rest of the photo is fun and delightful...but I'll never be able to unsee this...